Explore 2km in Pokemon GO

Explore 2km in Pokemon GO is one of the steps you’ll have to complete in the Solstice Horizons event, along with Explore 10km later on. The wording there is pretty vague, right? What do they mean by “explore”? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this guide. And then, we will discuss the bug you might run into, where the game just doesn’t register your walking progress. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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explore 2km in pokemon go
Explore 2km in Pokemon GO

How to Explore 2km in Pokemon GO

To explore 2km in Pokemon GO (and complete one of the tasks in the Solstice Horizons event), you have to do the same thing you’d do to explore 1km or even 10km: just walk around. Yup, that’s all you need to do. I mean, you can also walk with a buddy if you want to, but the task doesn’t mention it as a requirement. Just keep walking, and you’ll complete the task soon enough. I kinda wish there was something more to it, but nope. And the Explore 10km task that you’ll get later on in Solstice Horizon requires exactly the same thing. You just have to walk further. For more info on all that, check out our Starry Skies, Help Research Daytime or Nighttime Pokemon Choice guide.

Pokemon GO Explore 2km Not Working Fix

If the Explore 2km task is not working for you in Pokemon GO, the only fix we know of is restarting the game over and over again until you make it work properly. You might also have to restart your phone several times. I know, it’s not exactly the best of solutions, but it is the only one we know of. If you’ve figured out another, better method, let us know in the comments. Heaven knows I could use it, too. This has been the accepted “fix” for any situation where the distance tracking messes up, and I think my phone will kill me in my sleep if I restart it because of Pokemon GO one more time.

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    How do you know when the glitch is fixed when you turn your phone on/off or Unintall several times? Does it finally register on the 2k bar?

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