DMZ Hotel Employee Fridge Key Location

Not sure where to use the Hotel Employee Fridge Key on Ashika Island? For many players, DMZ, Call of Duty’s extraction mode, was confusing enough even with just one map, let alone a brand-new extraction mode. In our guide, we pinpoint the exact DMZ Hotel Employee Fridge location on Ashika Island.

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DMZ Hotel Employee Fridge Key Location

Where to Find Hotel Employee Fridge Key Location in DMZ

With the addition of a new map in DMZ, Ashika Island, players are again getting showered with dozens of new keys. And, of course, for the vast majority of these keys, players have no clue what they open or where they need to go. One such key is the DMZ Hotel Employee Fridge Key. We are sure that you’re well aware that most of these keys you obtain randomly both on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Hence, if you were hoping to find out where to get this key, you would be disappointed. However, if the key ends up in your inventory, we can help you! Read on to learn where to use it.

As it says on the Hotel Employee Fridge Key, you will need to go to the F6 coordinates. That’s in the Town Center point of interest. Check out our map below for the exact location of the hotel. You can also see how the hotel looks in the second image. Once there, enter the hotel via the main front entrance. The fridge is in the corridor right behind the reception, as you can see in the image below. Either jump across the reception desk to reach the door behind the reception or go around the hallway to get to the fridge. Once there, simply use your DMZ Hotel Employee Fridge Key to unlock it and grab the loot! With that said, our guide is completed. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

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