Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side Quest, 31-32 Completion Issue Solution

In Hogwarts Legacy, there is a total of 32 side quests. You need to solve all of these if you want to get the Achievement for doing so. However, a lot of players are stuck at 31/32 side quests. So what’s this all about? Well, it seems like there are several quests that don’t appear on the map as most other ones do. They instead become active once you get close enough to them. In this Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side Quest, 31-32 Completion Issue Solution guide, we are going to go over all of these likely missing side quests and explain where to find them and how to trigger them.

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Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side Quest, 31-32 Completion Issue Solution
Hogwarts Legacy Missing Side Quest, 31-32 Completion Issue Solution

Hogwarts Legacy Missing Last Side Quest – 31 32 Completion Issue Solution

There are three side quests that are the most difficult to find. These are “Sacking Selwyn”, “Tangled Web”, and “Well, Well, Well”. Let’s go over each of these, starting with Sacking Selwyn. You start this quest by talking with Hyacinth Olivier at Cragcroft. The problem here is that you can easily defeat Silvanus Selwyn without even knowing that this quest existed. If that is the case, go speak to Hyacinth Olivier and you’ll be able to quickly complete this quest.

Next, Tangled Web. This quest requires that you talk with Crispin Dunne over at the Three Broomsticks. To complete it, you are going to need the Alohomora spell. And, finally, “Well, Well, Well“. You begin this side quest when you visit the Magical Well in Aranshire in the Feldcroft Region. We have a separate guide that explains exactly where this well can be found. So there you have it, the three side quests that are the easiest to miss, and which you require to get all 32/32 side quests in the game completed. We hope that you have found this guide helpful and that you have now tied up all of the Hogwarts Legacy side quests.

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  1. V

    Got the trophy, but still sitting at 31/32 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. A
        Andrew Rehwald


  2. I

    Can’t find any website that can help 30/32 side missions and I haven’t defended Hogwarts as im scared to lol

  3. S
    Sam Shaw

    Still have 2 to find. Done the well one and Tangled Web. This did help with the Selwyn side-quest so thank-you! I have been absolutely everywhere TWICE. I’m lost as to what to do next. I still have a few bits to do but I’m extremely close to 100%.

  4. M
    Mister Bear

    Same, I’ve done Selwyn, Well, Well, Well and Tangled web. Still stuck at 31/32 with achievement.
    Nobody seems to have an answer for this.

    1. E
      Evan A Stiff

      The side quest that you’re probably missing is only exclusive for ps5 The mission is called minding your own business where you start your own shop inside of hogsmead The quest will be available for players on xbox and xbox series a year after the official release

    2. A
      Andrew Rehwald

      Same here, I did these three and the mind your own business quest and still I am at 31 quests.

  5. P

    I have 31/32 and cant find the last one. I did all three of those already. Is it counting the PS5 exclusive quest? cause i know pc doesnt have that one in hogsmeade

  6. K

    Have you completed all 5 summoners court matches? Each one is a quest. That was what i was missing.

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