DMZ Juggernaut Spawn Locations Season 4

Commanders are tough boss enemies that you can come across in the DMZ. As of right now, there are three types of Commanders – the Commander Helicopter, the Chemist, and the Juggernaut. What’s complicated about them is that they don’t have a fixed spawn point, meaning that that it can be very difficult to find any one of them in any one playthrough. In fact, there are many possible spawn locations where a Commander can appear. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to focus on the DMZ Juggernaut Spawn Locations in Season 4. Or, more specifically, on the Juggernaut Al Mazrah locations in the game.

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DMZ Juggernaut Spawn Locations Season 4
DMZ Juggernaut Spawn Locations Season 4

Where to Find Juggernaut in DMZ Season 4

As we have already mentioned, there are several locations where the Juggernaut Commander boss can be in Al Mazrah. You can see all of these spots in the map directly below. As far as we know, these are all the locations where the Juggernaut has a chance of appearing. Though, keep in mind that these are where the Juggernaut has been spotted the most, not necessarily where it actually spawns. While this is a lot of ground that you will need to cover if you want to get to the Juggernaut, at least it somewhat narrows down exactly where you have to go. Keep going to these spots and you are bound to get lucky eventually and encounter the Juggernaut there.

DMZ Juggernaut Spawn Locations Map
DMZ Juggernaut Spawn Locations Map.

Now that you know where to look for it, all that’s left is to take the Juggernaut down once you come across one. Which is easier said than done, since it isn’t called that for nothing. It’s best if you don’t try going for it solo, but with other teammates. With a sound strategy and concentrated fire, you should be soon able to take the Juggernaut down.

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