FF16 Motion Blur Problem Solution

In our FF16 Motion Blur Problem Solution guide, we are going to explain how to get rid of the motion blur in Final Fantasy XVI. It has been causing nausea in a lot of people, and there’s no setting you can use to turn it off. Fortunately, there is a setting that makes it less egregious. Here’s how you can remedy the situation.

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ff16 motion blur problem solution
FF16 Motion Blur Problem Solution

How to Solve FF16 Motion Blur Problem

The only solution to the motion blur problem in FF16, or Final Fantasy XVI, is to switch the Game Performance setting from Graphics to Frame Rate. Basically, it’s changing from Quality Mode to Performance Mode. This won’t get rid of the motion blur entirely, but it will make things significantly more bearable. The developers have mentioned that they want to include an option to turn motion blur off completely, but it will most likely not be ready for launch. The game is coming out on June 22nd, after all. So, until the devs can give us a proper option (if they ever do), Frame Rate mode is the only thing we have. It’s under System Settings; just scroll down to Game Performance.

And there you go, that’s the only current solution to the FF16 (or Final Fantasy XVI) motion blur problem. If you’ve found another fix or workaround that works, let us know in the comments. And no, I don’t know why developers keep making games that don’t allow you to turn motion blur off from the get-go. At this point, it’s pretty widely known that motion blur can make people nauseous, and even if it doesn’t, it just often makes for muddy, unpleasant visuals. I mean, if it doesn’t bother you, keep it on, why not? But a lot of people hate motion blur. Enough of my kvetching, here’s the bottom line: if the FFXVI blur is bothering you, change the Game Performance to Frame Rate.

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