DMZ Lost Room 403 Key Location, Al Mazrah Shipping Intel

During the “Intel Exchange” mission for the Crown, your first objective will be to “Find and extract the Al Mazrah Shipping Intel from room 403 of the Ashika Island hotel.” The problem here is obvious – most players don’t know where to get this key. If you are also struggling with finding the location of the Lost Room 403 Key in the DMZ so that you can get the Al Mazrah Shipping Intel, we are going to show you how you can obtain it in this new season of CoD Warzone 2.

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DMZ Lost Room 403 Key Location, Al Mazrah Shipping Intel
DMZ Lost Room 403 Key Location, Al Mazrah Shipping Intel

Where to Find Lost Room 403 Key in DMZ

There are several ways to obtain this key in the DMZ. For example, you can receive it by doing the HVT contract. Another way is to find it while looting from containers, and sometimes it is dropped by AI enemies when you take them out. As you can see, the location of the Lost Room 403 Key is, unfortunately, random. This means that it can be next to impossible to predict when and how it is going to spawn in the game. As such, the only real solution is to carefully play the game and keep an eye out for it, and hope that you get lucky enough to find it.

Once you have lucked out and gotten it, make sure that you don’t die until you have gotten the chance to use it – or else you’re going to lose it. The Lost Room 403 that you are looking for is located southeast of the Town Center area, inside the hotel there. You’ll be able to easily recognize it thanks to there being a large X on the door, and the number 403 to the right side from it. When you get close enough, you will then be able to use the key and unlock this Lost Room 403.

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  1. M

    Are you able to do missions to get the room 403 key?

    1. D

      you have to do hvt missions and a bunch of looting but its very random im actually stuck on this part myself i have the 2nd and 3rd parts done but the key is a mystery….good luck.

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