Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker Key Location DMZ

The DMZ Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker Key is one of the new items on the Ashika Island map, the brand new extraction zone in Warzone 2’s extraction mode. In this guide, we explain where to find the Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker in order to use the key and unlock it.

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Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker Key Location DMZ

Where to Find Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker Key in DMZ

Just like in Season 1 of DMZ on the Al Mazrah map, DMZ Season 2 also comes with a handful of new keys for players to find and unlock various doors, lockers, boxes and other objects. And just as in Al Mazrah, most of the keys here will be random drops. Hence, if you know where the Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker is but don’t have the key, we can’t help you much here. Some players report that the AI bots around the Castle have higher chances of dropping the key. However, we can not confirm this. On the other hand, if you do have the key but don’t know where to find the Weapons Locker, we got you covered!

In order to reach the Weapons Locker, you’ll first need to enter the Castle. For that, you’ll also need a key. Once you are inside, it will be easy to find the Locker. It is located in the west wing of the castle, right on the crossing between the F5 and J5 squares. It is directly opposite where you originally entered the castle.

The Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker is actually three big green metal lockers. However, in terms of gameplay, it doesn’t matter with which one you interact as they act as a single object to interact with. With that said, our guide is complete! And while you’re here, check out our DMZ City Hall Hideout Key guide. Have fun and good luck!

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