Medical Mule DMZ, Dead Drop Location, Northeast of Al Sammam

White Lotus’ Medical Mule Tier 3 mission in MW2 DMZ will task players with delivering Stims and Emergency Rations to the dumpster dead drop northeast of Al Sammam Cemetery. Sounds easy enough on paper. However, many players have problems with this mission. They don’t know where to find the Medical Mule dead drop location. If you don’t know where is the dumpster dead drop in the Medical Mule mission, read on as we explain everything you need to know.

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DMZ Medical Mule Dead Drop Location, Northeast of Al Sammam

Medical Mule Dumpster Dead Drop Location in DMZ Warzone 2

The Medical Mule mission asks us to deliver 20 Stims and 10 Emergency Rations to the dumpster dead drop northeast of Al Sammam Cemetery. You will be able to find Stims as drops from regular AI enemies and inside several hospitals scattered across the map. Check out your tac-map for their exact locations. On the other hand, Emergency Rations can be found usually inside fridges. You can also look for them on shelves around houses and garages. However, finding these seems to be an easier part of the mission. Rather, what has many players confused is the dead drop location. Namely, it says “northeast of Al Sammam Cemetery”. But that description is not actually accurate. In fact, it’s the opposite of that.

The Medical Mule mission brief states that there is a dumpster dead drop “we set up outside of the Sa’id City Mall”. And that’s actually the real location – Al Sa’Id Shopping Centre. So, in reality, it’s northwest of Al Sammam Cemetery. The Al Sa’Id Shopping Centre should be rather easy to spot. Once there, simply go behind it, and you’ll spot two dumpsters. The one we are looking for is the smaller one, coloured grey. That’s our Medical Mule Dumpster Dead Drop. Once there, simply drop the required items, and it will start counting them for the mission completion.

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