DMZ Icebreaker Phalanx University Dead Drop Location

Not sure where to find the University Dead Drop in Vondel in DMZ? The DMZ Icebreaker Black Mous mission will have players finding several dead drops on the new Vondel map. In this guide, we explain where to find the Phalanx Dead Drop at the University location on the Vondel map and deliver the letter of introduction in DMZ Season 4.

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Phalanx Dead Drop at University Location Vondel, DMZ Icebreaker
DMZ University Dead Drop Location in Vondel

Where to Find Phalanx Dead Drop at the University Location in Vondel, DMZ Icebreaker Mission Guide

Warzone 2 Season 4 has just dropped, and it has arrived with many new missions for the DMZ fans. The new Faction Reputation system means we will need to unlock new factions and missions in a certain order before being able to move forward. For example, you will need to complete the Icebreaker Black Mous mission on the Vondel map to unlock Phalanx missions. First, you will need to find the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop and collect the letter of introduction. Second, you will need to deliver the letter of introduction to the Phalanx Dead Drop at the University in Vondel. Sounds straightforward enough. However, a number of players are having issues locating this DMZ University Dead Drop. If you are one of them, we got you covered!

The trick here is that the dead drop is not actually at the University point of interest. Rather, it is located across the canal, next to one of the old buildings with a facade of red or orange brick. These three buildings are right across the canal to the southwest. There, the westernmost building is the one you’re looking for. You’ll find the container on its side. Make sure to drop both the letter of introduction and the tracking device inside. Finally, be sure to check out our images below so that you know the exact location and what you’re looking for.

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