DMZ Laswell's Letter, Where is the Notes Menu Location

Not sure how to read Laswell’s Letter in DMZ Season 4 for Black Mous Tier 1 Story Mission? The new Call of Duty season has just dropped, and it comes with an abundance of new content for the extraction mode. Asides from a brand new map and faction, there are also quite a few new missions for the old factions as well. In this guide, we explain where is the Notes Menu in DMZ and where to find Laswell’s Letter in the notes menu and complete the requested tasks.

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DMZ Read Laswell's Letter, Where is the Notes Menu
Where is the Notes Menu in DMZ

How to Read Laswell’s Letter and Where to Find the Notes Menu in DMZ Season 4

Warzone 2 Season 4 is one of the biggest yet regarding DMZ. The update introduces a new faction, the new Vondel map, and countless quality-of-life improvements and system changes. And if that’s not enough, there are also quite a few new missions for older factions! One such mission is called “Laswell’s Letter”. That’s the Tier 1 Story Mission for the Black Mous faction. It requires players to reach a Level 3 reputation with Black Mous to unlock it. Furthermore, it is also a requirement to unlock White Lotus missions. The mission is rather easy on paper, as the task is quite straightforward – “read Laswell’s letter in the notes menu and complete the requested tasks.”

However, many players have issues here as they are not exactly sure where is the Notes Menu in DMZ. The Notes Menu is located all the way to the right of the Missions. This is a new section of the DMZ menu, the fourth one to the right, after “Missions”, “Upgrades”, and “Location Objectives”. Open the Notes section, and scan through the notes on the right. Once you find Laswell’s Letter, read it, and you will understand what you need to do. The requested task is quite easy. Simply find any Radio Tower, and complete the upload. And that’s it!

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