DMZ Laswell's Letter Upload Station Radio Tower Location

Call of Duty Laswell’s Letter DMZ Tier 1 mission for Black Mous will have players complete a rather easy task. Once they read the letter of this CIA insider, you must “go to an upload station at the top of a radio tower and resume the upload for us”. Sounds rather easy, but many players are having issues completing this task. Read on as we explain where to find this Radio Tower.

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DMZ Laswell's Letter Upload Station Radio Tower Location

Where to Find Upload Station Radio Tower Location for DMZ Laswell’s Letter Mission

The first Story Mission for the Black Mous faction in Warzone 2 DMZ Season 4 introduces station chief Kate Laswell. She’s actually conducting operations directly with Phalanx, the new faction in the game. Her main interest is the unknown enemy faction that has invaded Vondel. That’s why we need to help her send this intel. Once you read her letter, the rest should be a piece of cake. However, for many players, it doesn’t seem so! Namely, the task says, “Go to an upload station at the top of a radio tower and resume the upload for us”. The text implies that any radio tower in the game would do the trick. However, that’s not the case!

For this task, you need to use a Radio Tower on the Al Mazrah map! It can be any of the tall Radio Towers in Al Mazrah. Simply climb to the top of the Tower and upload the intel as you would normally do for a contract or other missions. It is important to note that we are talking about tall radio towers in Al Mazrah. Only these will work for the task. Small UAV Towers are not what you need! With that said, our “DMZ Laswell’s Letter Upload Station Radio Tower Location” guide is completed. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. A
    Amy Daley

    It doesn’t seem to be just ANY radio tower in Al Mazrah. Not been able to locate one that works yet.

    1. Just to be sure, are you talking about Radio Towers, not UAV Towers? We’ve tested a couple of Radio Towers (on different accounts), and they all work.

      1. G

        I climbed all the way to a radio tower and also didn’t see it.

  2. J

    It works on the roof of the train station in Vondel. Near the clock

    1. M

      Yeah, don’t go alone. Each tower is crawling with opp. There’s not enough firepower for any one person

      1. J

        It was actually very easy atop the train station; glad I found this comment! There were no hostiles whatsoever.

  3. D

    I completed this by climbing up the highest tower in the castle in Vondel (top of the scaffold) where there is an upload link don’t have to go to Al Mazrah…..!

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