DMZ Tactique Verte Platform of Weapons, Tactique-Verte Testing

In our DMZ Tactique Verte Platform of Weapons guide, we are basically going to explain how to complete the Tactique-Verte Testing mission. Both steps require you to use a weapon from the Tactique Verte platform, which narrows your options quite a lot. Therefore, we are going to show you which rifle meets the mission’s requirement. We’ll also give you a bit of advice on how to complete the quest. Let’s begin!

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dmz tactique verte platform of weapons
DMZ Tactique Verte Platform of Weapons

DMZ Tactique Verte Platform of Weapons for Tactique-Verte Testing

The DMZ Tactique Verte platform of weapons is necessary to complete both steps of the Tactique-Verte Testing mission. The first step is to kill six enemies from a range of over twenty-five meters with the Tactique Verte platform of weapons. Step two is to kill three armored enemies with the same platform of weapons. So, really, the main trick is to figure out which guns fit the requirements. Mind you, they don’t need to be insured (though it’s okay if they are), but they do have to be Tactique-Verte. Go into your assault rifles and scroll through them until you spot one that says Tactique Verte platform. Yes, I’m talking about the TAQ-56 in this case, but any gun that fits the bill will do.

tactique-verte testing dmz tactique verte platform of weapons

So, that’s how you find the DMZ Tactique Verte platform of weapons to finish the Tactique-Verte Testing mission. The second step, the one with armored enemies, basically means that you have to kill opponents with three-plate armor. Therefore, one careful jump into a Stronghold should be enough to complete both steps. Not necessarily, of course, but it is possible. Just be sure to keep your distance to over twenty-five meters, and you’ll be golden. Good luck, and happy hunting. If you need more help with the game, check out some of our other guides. We have articles like Wallet Not Working, Can’t Select Money Fix and Urgent Daily Mission Bugged, Not Registering Issue.

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