DMZ Castle Detonator Location

The Assault on Vondel is an event that features a series of challenges for Warzone 2 players to undertake. Each major Vondel area has its own set of challenges, which can range from opening containters, to completing contracts, killing soldiers, and so on. But there is a challenge that is common to each one of these, and that is – that you need to find the location of a Detonator there. Which is easier said than done, especially when you consider that the Vondel map has only been out for a short while, and that players are not familiar with all of its ins and outs yet. So to help you find the DMZ Castle Detonator Location, this guide is going to explain where to look for it.

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DMZ Castle Detonator Location
DMZ Castle Detonator Location

Find the Detonator at Castle DMZ Warzone 2

Make your way to the Castle. You can find it at the far northwestern portion of the Vondel map. As this is a medium threat level area, it’s best if you prepare for any nasty surprises you might encounter there. When you arrive at the Castle, go to its western wall. Swim in the moat until you rach the wall. You will see that there is a rope there. Use it to reach the roof of the castle. Climb the scaffolding there and enter the room at the top. The Vondel Event Detonator that you are looking for is there, atop a coverd up stack of crates. Interact with it to complete this challenge. We have marked this spot in our gallery.

Now, we have to note that the precise location where the Castle Detonator can be is randomized from playthrough to playthrough. This means that it may not be in the same location where we have found it. If it is not here, you will have to look elswhere in the Castle for it.

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