DMZ Vintage Wine Bottles Location, Vintage Connoisseur Mission

The “Vintage Connoisseur” Black Mous Tier 3 Mission is all about high-quality wine. Unfortunately, it’s not about consuming quality wine. Rather, three tasks in this mission will require us to deliver a lot of wine to dumpster dead drop locations. This guide explains where to find Vintage Wine Bottles locations and how to extract them.

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DMZ Vintage Wine Bottles Location, Vintage Connoisseur Mission

Where to Find 3 Vintage Wine Bottles in DMZ for Vintage Connoisseur Mission

So, Where to find Vintage Wine Bottles? Extracting this vintage wine is the third and final step of the Vintage Connoisseur mission. Players will first need to deliver 20 ordinary wine bottles, followed by 11 “aged” wine bottles. Finally, we will need to extract 3 Vintage Wine Bottles. Although they require larger amounts, the first two steps are easier, as those items are abundant and can be found everywhere. Vintage Wine, on the other hand, poses a real challenge to locate. Luckily, we know exactly where you need to look!

One of the best locations to search for these vintage bottles is Room 302 in Sawah Hotel. Many players, including us, were able to find all three bottles there. While Room 302 is the most likely place in the hotel to have a vintage bottle, it’s not the only one. Make sure to check every nook and cranny, and you’ll surely be able to find at least one bottle.

Another excellent place is a kitchen in a resort at Sharif Bay, which is stacked will all kinds of goodies, including wine. The Burger Town area in Al Mazrah City is also full of wine, including Vintage Wine Bottles. Make sure to check every fridge there, and you will be able to find what you need. These three locations – the hotel, Burger Town, and the resort – are the best and safest options for finding Vintage Wine Bottles. There could be other places, but we recommend choosing one of these three places and sticking with it.

Where to Find 3 Vintage Wine Bottles in DMZ for Vintage Connoisseur Mission
These two buildings in Burger Town have a bunch of fridges with a chance to contain a vintage.
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