DMZ Eavesdrop, Ashika Town Center Dead Drop

Eavesdrop is a new White Lotus story mission that has recently been added to the game as part of the Season 4 update. This mission requires that you first “Take the discrete radio transmitter from the Ashika town center dead drop.” and then to “Plant the radio at the top of the Shadow Company ship.” Since both of these can be difficult to find, we are going to show you where the Shadow Company ship and Ashika Town Center Dead Drop can be found in the DMZ, so that you can quickly complete the Eavesdrop mission.

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DMZ Eavesdrop, Ashika Town Center Dead Drop
DMZ Eavesdrop, Ashika Town Center Dead Drop

DMZ Eavesdrop, Ashika Town Center Dead Drop

The first thing that you need to do is to head towards the Ashika Town Center area. This is a medium threat level area, so be careful. Once you get there, go to the eastern part of the town. The dead drop is inside a garbage container there. Once you open it, you will find the discrete radio transmitter inside. We have marked the exact location where this dead drop is located in our screenshot gallery below. Refer to it to see its precise spot.

Shadow Company Ship DMZ Eavesdrop

As soon as you have the discrete radio transmitter, make your way to the Shadow Company ship. It is the big ship that is docked right in front of the Port Ashika. This is a high threat level area, so make sure that you are sufficiently prepared before going there, as it will most likely be swarming with enemies. Fight your way to the top of the ship, which is where you will then have to plant the radio itself. Again, we have the location of the Shadow Company ship and the spot where you need to plant the discrete radio transmitter in our gallery below.

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