Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to Xbox Series X

Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox Series X? The next instalment in the legendary Japanese role-playing series is finally here. However, the game will only be available on launch to those who own a PlayStation 5. But, what about Xbox? Here’s what we know about the potential FF16 Xbox Series X release date.

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Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to Xbox Series X
FF16 Xbox Release Date Rumors

Will Final Fantasy 16 Release on Xbox Series X

Let’s not beat around the bush here and cut straight to the chase. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there are no plans for Final Fantasy 16 to be released on the Xbox Series X. FFXVI is a time-limited 6-month exclusive for the PlayStation 5. After the exclusivity period, it has been confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will get a PC port. However, that’s not the case with the Xbox Series X version.

The last mainline entry in the series, Final Fantasy 15, was released in 2016 simultaneously on PS4 and Xbox One. However, since then, Sony and Square Enix have struck an exclusivity deal for the publisher’s various games. For example, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is still not released on any Xbox console (Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S), three years after its initial release on the PS4. In the meantime, FF7 Remake has been ported to the PC and the PS5. Hence, it’s safe to say that there’s some undisclosed deal between the two companies not to release their games on Microsoft’s consoles.

In December of 2022, Microsoft revealed that Sony has blocked some games to release on Xbox “forever”. Unfortunately, the true fate probably awaits FF16 as well. So there you have it. Final Fantasy 16 is not going to be released in Xbox Series X. Of course, if anything changes and some new info comes to light, we will make sure to update the article with all the new details.

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