Where to Find Emergency Rations DMZ

Not sure where to find Emergency Rations in DMZ? White Lotus’ Medical Mule Tier 3 mission in MW2 DMZ is all about medical materials and care. Our men have sustained a lot of casualties, and they need help! However, many players seem to have problems getting all the required materials. In this guide, we provide several DMZ Emergency Rations locations to complete this mission’s second step.

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Where to Find Emergency Rations DMZ

Where to Find Emergency Rations in DMZ Warzone 2

Like most DMZ missions, the Medical Mule White Lotus mission consists of three steps. The first one will require you to find and deliver 20 Stims. The second step asks for 10 Emergency Rations. And the final one is to extract 5 Self Revives. Finding 20 Stims is relatively easy, and most players have no issues completing this task. Although rare, it seems that 5 Self Revives also pose no trouble for players. However, the same could not be said about ER. Before we jump to potential locations where you can find them, make sure to check out our Dead Drop Northeast of Al Sammam guide so that you know where you need to drop these items.

Now, when it comes to where to find Emergency Rations, the best places to look are small houses and fridges inside them. To be more precise, there’s a good chance you’ll find many of them in the hospital between the Al-Safwa Quarry and the Rohan Oil refinery. Along the main tarmac highway and the parallel railroad is a small rest stop with a gas station and medical centre. That’s where you should look. Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, they can be found in other random places across the map, but this place is where you should look if you want to maximise your chances. Check out out featured image above so that you know the exact location.

Finally, Reddit user Legalink suggests this: “Right of Al Sawah is a complex with a bunch of tents on the shore. Has a lot of medicine cabinets and fridges that carry them”. With that said, our “Where to Find Emergency Rations DMZ” guide is completed.

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