DMZ Enfer Back Room Key Location

Not sure where to use the Enfer Back Room Key in DMZ? We’ve got you covered! In Warzone 2’s DMZ extraction mode, there are almost 100 keys which unlock all kinds of doors and objects. The thing is, the game doesn’t actually pinpoint the exact location of the thing a key unlocks. Thus, gamers are often confused as they don’t know where they need to go. This guide provides you with the exact Enfer Back Room location in DMZ.

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Enfer Back Room Key Location DMZ Warzone 2
Enfer Back Room Key DMZ

Where is the Enfer Back Room Location in DMZ

If you’ve been playing Warzone 2’s DMZ extraction mode for some time, you have encountered dozens of keys by now. Finding what exactly they unlock is easy for most of these. However, some keys are particularly troublesome, and players can’t seem to find the exact locations they unlock. The Enfer Back Room key is one such key, despite having the coordinates like all other keys. So, where do you need to go in order to use this key? Enfer is one of the shops inside Sa’id City Mall. Thus, the first thing you need to do here is to check out your map and find the mall.

As the name suggests, Al Sa’Id Shopping Centre is located in Sa’id City. It is in the southeastern part of the city. It is very striking and impossible not to notice. Check out our map below for the exact location. Once there, you can enter via some of the several entrances. However, you’ll need a key for the regular doors, which can be tricky to get as it is a random drop. Alternatively, you can climb to the top of the mall via the garage and enter the Shopping Centre through some of the broken skylights.

Once inside, head to the south wing of the mall’s second floor. There, you’ll spot the “Enfer” shop. Enter inside and head to the rear side of the shop. You’ll spot a door with the “X” on it, and that’s where you need to use the Enfer Back Room Key. With that said, our guide is complete.

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