Find Detonator at Museum DMZ Warzone 2

To celebrate the start of Season 4 in CoD Warzone 2 and the release of a new map, there is a new community event for the game called Assault on Vondel. It takes place across all of the most prominent locations on this new map. There are plenty of challenges to undertake, such as opening a certain amount of containers, killing a set number of soldiers, and so on. But there is one particular challange that spans across all areas and that is that you need to find a Detonator at each major area on Vondel. One such Detonator is located at the Museum. So if you are wondering where to find the Detonator at the Museum in DMZ Warzone 2, this guide is here to help you do exactly that.

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Find Detonator at Museum DMZ Warzone 2
Find Detonator at Museum DMZ Warzone 2

DMZ Museum Detonator Location

The first step here is to, of course, go to the Museum itself. This area is located at the southeastern part of the map, below the Police Station, with the Stadium to the west of it. The Museum itself is a medium threat level area, so be careful there. After you have arrived at the Museum, enter it and go down to the sound stage directly in front of the exibition entrance. The Museum Detonator should be right there on one of the equipment boxes on the stage. We have marked this spot in our gallery directly below.

Note, however, that the location that the Detonators can spawn at is randomized. This means that you may not necessarily get the Detonator in the same spot as we did. If that turns out to be the case, you will need to look for it elswhere in the Museum. Of course, you could always luck out and get it in the same spot as we did, so definitely check there first.

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