DMZ Vests Recipes Not Unlocking Season 4, Comms Vest Bug

With the new Forward Operating Base system in DMZ, players will now have many new challenges and objectives to work towards to. For example, to unlock the DMZ Comms Vest, Medic Vest, Stealth Vest, and Tempered Vest, you must eliminate the specific bosses. However, the “DMZ Vests Recipes Not Unlocking” bug prevents players from getting these Barter Recipes. Here’s what we know about it.

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DMZ Vests Recipes Not Unlocking Bug Season 4

DMZ Vests Barter Recipes Not Unlocking Bug Season 4

The Bounty Board tab in the Upgrades tab of the new Forward Operating Base system shows which challenges players must complete in order to unlock specific Barter Recipes. Note that you need to be White Lotus Faction Reputation Level 2 to see these tasks. To unlock the Comms Vest in DMZ, players must defeat the Wheelson, either in Building 21 or on the Ashika Island map. Beating the Pyro in Al Mazrah City will unlock the Medic Vest. The Stealth Vest is unlocked once you defeat the Sniper in the Koschei Complex in Al Mazrah. Finally, for the Tempered Vest to become available, the Armored Commander is the one you need to eliminate.

Sounds rather straightforward, and you know what you need to do. However, unfortunately, there’s currently a bug which doesn’t count boss eliminations towards these unlocks. Hence, vests recipes are not unlocking in DMZ. “I defeated Pyro but I’m not able to barter any of the items needed to get the medic vest,” says Reddit user Xaexa13. “The amount numbers are green showing I have enough items and there’s no lock on the vest. But the picture itself is still greyed out.”

Other players report similar issues. Defeating the Wheelson both on Ashika and B21 doesn’t progress the challenge to unlock the Comms Vest. For now, to the best of our knowledge, there doesn’t seem to be a workaround for this glitch. We will have to wait for the developers to fix the issue. If you know of any solution, share it in the comments section! With that said, our “DMZ Vests Recipes Not Unlocking Bug Season 4” guide is completed.

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  1. B
    Billy Williams

    I just k***ed the Wheelson with an airstrike. It took 2 or 3 seconds to defeat it an still want count for an comms unlock.
    Their is obviously something corrupted with these glitches.
    Has any one been able to do it yet???

    1. B
      Brett Wilmarth

      Same, defeated it 5 times. Was told you had to eliminate chemist to unlock the “chain” that was incorrect.

      1. K
        Kayla Bond

        It is officially building 21 wheelson not ashika I just went to building 21 & defeated wheelson & it unlocked it’s not glitched it’s just set for building 21!

        1. R

          My tempered is still not unlocked and I defeated the Jugg at least 3 times. This game is trash and that is why I only play DMZ. I refuse to spend any money on it.

          1. B

            The Tempered only can be bartered on Ashika Island, not on Al Mazrah

          2. R

            U can barter in Koschei.

        2. D
          DMZ Trash

          Nope, Ashika worked fine for me. 1st kill unlocked the barter right away.

    2. D
      Dale Robert Hack

      I’ve beaten it 5 times now and still not marked down as I killed it. Its ridiculous

    3. K

      I thing you have to beat it on building 21

    4. B
      Bobby Brown

      wheelson is in bldg 21

    5. J
      josh montgomery

      i got it unlocked after beating the weelson on ashika three times it still wasnt unlocked so went for the medic and after i defeated the pyro my coms an medic both opened

    6. T

      I beat the wheelson at ashika to unlock it.

      I just cracked a ddos and hit it with two semtex at point blank range. easy.

  2. J

    No, i have the same problem, i grenaded him and it also doesn´t count.

  3. S
    Sum dude

    I have beaten the Wheelson 6 times and it never did unlock the recipe. Defeated the Pyro and it unlocked but still won’t let me make it.

    1. J

      Look at the boss symbol on the comms vest mission. You have to beat the boss on vondel to unlock it not just a random wheelson. If you look at the tempered vest it’s the same thing, says armored commander, but it refers to the juggernaut on Al mazrah. That being said I’ve unlocked all but the comms vest and still can’t barter for them as of yesterday. Gonna try again this evening.

      1. B

        There is no wheels on on vondel

      2. R

        I beat the Jugg several times on Al Mazrah and it has a check mark… but is still blocked. But thanks for the irrelevant info.

      3. T

        A wheelson is a wheelson. Ashika worked for me.

  4. W

    Yup same garbage with me, beat that devil spawn remote control car at Ashika and I didn’t get my comms vest barter unlocked…

    1. O

      same for me I made it thru tier 2 white lotus and defeated the pyro still no med vest

  5. T

    Same issue, defeated multiple bosses multiple times nothing in barter unlocked by doing so

  6. N
    Nicholas Killingsworth

    Yeah I’ve experienced this and numerous other bugs including not being able to change my insured weapon now it kicks me if I try to change it not being able to add money to the wallet on some characters not being able to add keys to others lol will they ever deliver us a solid product before the next one comes out or is this just how games are now it sucks Ive spent a lot of money for things that only half work or are plagued with bugs

    1. K

      I have exactly the same.

      Unlocked the tempered vest barter- unable to find or barter for it.

      Completely unable to change my insured weapon. Kicked to the main menu each time.

      Activision spend less time on agro with various streamers and sort your game out!

  7. B

    So many bugs. Medic unlocked but can’t barter. I am not able to add keys or mission items to my bags before raids. I am also not able to stow mission items or keys after exfil. Also Phalanx is bugged and I can’t go to tier two. It says all the missions are done yet I still can’t unlock the story mission. They better not wait until reloaded to fix this s**t.

    1. J

      Have you found the hydrogen peroxide,cephalexin or acetone yet?

    2. B
      Bobby Brown

      You can unlock Phallanx story mission by getting the Phallanax daily missions (3 – acetone, peroxide or cephalaxin pills – you can find them easy in Bldg 21… they are in main lobby on couches, green room with 2 green doors, or blue door room. Good luck wombat

  8. M

    I was able to unlock the Barter for the Tempered Vest by defeating the chopper commander on Ashika but can’t get the Comms Vest to unlock after eliminating the Wheelson numerous times. And now I can’t even change my Insured Slots! I think (could be wrong) that this bug started after they did some silly update so that you see XP Recommended now on weapons and get a 20% XP Bonus by using any of them with that marking.

    1. B
      Bobby Brown

      Wheelson is in Bldg 21 … the others are called different names

  9. B

    Same here… beat the Wheelson and the Chemist, but the barters did NOT unlock

  10. M

    Ladies and gents, I have found the solution to the problem for the vest. Firstly you’ll have to load into your map of choice. After loading in with your squad, go ahead and pull up your map. Search search search the map for a hunt squad contract. Go to said hunt squad contract and pick it up. Eliminate the enemy team and steal their vest. Could be comms, could be medic, could be regular etc. we don’t know what they’ll drop till they’re dead. After beating them pick up their vest. Boom done and done! You’re welcome ☺️

    1. R

      Only thing that makes sense.

    2. N
      No, I disagree

      That’s the problem, not only is the game buggy, almost every operator is now a griefer. So a select few are fully kitted out while the rest of us are forced to play as noobs over and over again. This game is circling the drain.

  11. J
    James Young

    Did today’s update fix this?

    1. R

      No still bugged only one I’ve got open is the personal exfil by beating the chopper commander. Done every commander that the only one that works. Phalanx level 2 bugged too. And I’ve getting my team mate weapons in my stash after exfil not every time but sometimes…

      1. B
        Bobby Brown

        You can unlock Phallanx story mission by getting the Phallanax daily missions (3 – acetone, peroxide or cephalaxin pills – you can find them easy in Bldg 21… they are in main lobby on couches, green room with 2 green doors, or blue door room. Good luck wombat

  12. D
    Danny Titchmarsh

    I have unlocked all the vests and can Barter to make them as long as I have all the materials to do so except the Comms one and I’ve defeated the Wheelson on ashika multiple times has anyone figured this out yet isit it only unlockable on B21 ???

  13. A

    I think you what to beat Wheelson on building 21

    1. B

      Were you actually able to unlock your Comms vest barter by defeating the wheelson in Buliding 21?

      1. D
        Daniel Marchbanks

        Yes I had to beat the Wheelson At Building 21 and it did unlock

  14. C
    Chris smith

    Since the season 4 update i have defeated the wheelson 4 times and the comms vest barter recipe is still locked . It must be a bug . Not happy at as it puts me at a disadvantage in game it needs sorting out

    1. B
      Bobby Brown

      wheelson is in bldg 21

  15. M

    The Wheelson has to be done in Building 21. Ashika island does not work, it’s not a boss.

  16. G

    I’ve defeated the Wheelson twice on Ashika Island and have no reward given for it yet! Very frustrating.

  17. L

    Even online it says to beat the Wheelson on ashika because it’s the boss that protects the other boss which is the Bomb Maker. Every website and research has said the almost exact same thing. You should be able to do it in Ashika but it is truly buggy.

  18. M

    I unlocked it by k****g the bullfrog in Vondel, however you now need an encrypted hard drive *1 instead of two normal hard drives 🤦🏼‍♂️ to make them.

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