Find Large Contraband Packages, DMZ Cartel Investigation

Cartel Investigation is a Tier 1 Redacted Faction mission that requires that you locate the cartel in Al Mazrah, kill five cartel soldiers, and find and extract two large contraband packages. The first two steps are pretty straightforward, but where can you find these two large contraband packages? In this guide, we are going to explain and show you how and where you can find two large contraband packages so that you can complete the DMZ Cartel Investigation mission.

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Find Large Contraband Packages, DMZ Cartel Investigation
Find Large Contraband Packages, DMZ Cartel Investigation

Find 2 Large Contraband Packages in DMZ Cartel Investigation

First of all, if you are also struggling with finding the cartel, we have written a separate guide that explains how to locate the cartel in Al Mazrah. Naturally, this is also where you will be able to eliminate the five cartel soldiers. As for the two large contraband packages, both of these are in a house south of Hafid Port. We have marked this location in our screenshot gallery below.

When you enter this house, go directly upstairs. You will find a room with the first Large Contraband Package on the bed. The second Large Contraband Package is right there in the next room, sitting on a table. Pick both of these up. And now, all that’s left to do is to perform a successful exfil out of the DMZ with these two Large Contraband Packages in your inventory. We hope that you have found this guide informative and helpful. If you are interested in other such content, we recommend that you check out our CoD Warzone 2 archive. We are constantly adding new guides, so if you have any other Warzone 2-related questions or issues, odds are good that we have already covered it here. Thank you for reading and good luck with the latest season.

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