Full Building 21 Map, All 3 Floors DMZ Warzone 2

Looking for the complete map of Building 21 in DMZ? You’ve come to the right place! The Building 21 area is now available in DMZ for everyone who acquires the proper keycard. This tightly-packed, highly-contested area will require a high level of coordination and orientation skills in order to extract the rewards. In this guide, you’ll find the complete Building 21 Map in DMZ, including the first (basement) floor, second (office) floor, and third (laboratory) floor.

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Full Building 21 Map, All 3 Floors DMZ Warzone 2

Map of All Floors in Building 21 DMZ Warzone 2

The design idea behind Building 21 in DMZ is to create a constrained area with a lot of chaotic action and a tiny bit of confusion. Thus, spread across three floors, Building 21 doesn’t have a tac map. Consequently, players will be deprived of this useful in-game feature and will have to rely on their memorisation and orientation skills in order to know where to go and what they need to do. This DMZ mode will test your capability to react quickly and make decisions in tense situations like nothing before in Warzone. One wrong turn, or just one step too many, might cost you a successful extraction. And that’s why we have the Building 21 map for you.

The only orientation tools in-game are floor maps. You can find these in the hallways. There are three floors in total – the first (basement) floor, the second (office) floor, and the third (laboratory) floor. And each has its role in Building 21. However, it can be hard to memorize them. Thus, having them opened on your second monitor or phone can be helpful. This way, you don’t have to search for them in-game amidst chaotic action. That can get you killed. Instead, simply look at them for orientation anytime you want on your second screen. Successfully extracting Weapon Cases will require you to know where the archive is, where the armoury is, and where the elevators are – all of these you can find on the Building 21 floor maps below:

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