How to Find and Extract Weapon Case Building 21 DMZ

If you’re looking for the Building 21 Weapon Case location, you’ve come to the right place. DMZ’s latest addition, Building 21, is full of lucrative loot and hides many secrets. However, the most profitable one – the Weapon Case – is also the hardest one to obtain. This guide explains where to find the Weapon Case in Building 21 and how to extract it for the rewards.

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Find and Extract Weapon Case Building 21 DMZ

How to Find and Extract Weapon Case Building 21 DMZ

In DMZ’s Building 21, there’s plenty of loot at almost every corner of the map. However, the Weapon Case is the main prize of this new mode; the one everyone is there to get. The Weapon Case is the main goal in Building 21 and something you will want to extract as fast as possible in order to collect permanent rewards. In total, you’ll get six tiers of rewards from extracting it. And in this guide, we explain how to do it. In-game, there are no maps – but you can use our Building 21 map. This is essential, as you’ll need to know where you need to go and be quick. Here’s how to get the Weapon Case in Building 21 DMZ.

Once you acquire DRC Building 21 Keycard, find a couple more friends and prepare for the action. This mode is almost impossible to do solo. Thus, having teammates is practically mandatory. You’ll spawn at one of the several random locations in the basement. From there, follow these steps:

How to Get the Weapon Case in Building 21 DMZ

  • Head to the Data Center as quickly as possible. It is a large room on the west side of the first floor (basement).
  • Once inside, eliminate all of the AI soldiers guarding the room.
  • Now check the servers and find the one you can interact with.
  • Once the timer passes the 11-minute mark, one of the players in your team will have to hack the servers.
  • Be sure to protect the player hacking the servers, as both bots and other players will probably rush there to stop you.
  • Once the hacking is completed, a message for all players will appear, informing them that the Armory Room is now open.
  • Immediately head to the Armory Room on the third floor. Try to avoid other players and the boss (Wheelson).
  • Secure the Armory Room and start drilling the safe there.
  • Again, all players will be notified that the drilling has commenced. This will result in both them and AI coming there to confront you. You will be forced to defend your position at the Armory Room.
  • When the safe cracks, the best strategy is not to open the safe until the 7-minute mark. Only then will you know which one of the elevators will be the extraction point. A player carrying the weapon case will have their position marked for all other players to see. That puts a huge target on you, and that’s why it is best to wait until you are able to extract the Weapon Case.
  • When the timer counts down to 7 minutes, grab the Weapon Case and rush as fast as possible to the exfil spot.
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