Hideout Preparation DMZ, Place 1 Water Bottle & Bandage

A Warzone 2 DMZ Season 2 guide on the White Lotus’ Hideout Preparation mission. You will need to place 1 Water Bottle, Emergency Rations & Bandage in Smuggling Tunnels. Read on to learn where to find these items and how to place them in the Smuggling Tunnels.

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Hideout Preparation DMZ, Place 1 Water Bottle & Bandage
DMZ Hideout Preparation Guide

How to Complete Hideout Preparation DMZ, Place 1 Water Bottle, Emergency Rations & Bandage in Smuggling Tunnels

The new season has just started in Warzone 2. And for the fans of DMZ, there is a lot of new content to dive into. The biggest star of the update is a new extraction zone – Ashika Island. However, that’s not the only new thing. We also have a brand new faction, and new locations and missions on the old map, Al Mazrah. One such new mission is Hideout Preparation for the white White Lotus.

The first step of this mission is to find one Water Bottle, Emergency Rations and Bandages. Check out our Emergency Rations DMZ guide to know where to find these. The solution is pretty much the same for the bandages as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to the water battle, you’ll need a bit of luck. It is a random drop with no particular locations where you can find it. Once you have all of these, the next step is to find the Smuggling Tunnels location, for which we also have a separate guide.

The final step of the Hideout Preparation DMZ mission is to place all three of these in the Smuggling Tunnels in the same deployment. Sounds straightforward enough. However, many players are not sure where exactly to place these items, as the Smuggling Tunnels are pretty large. You will need to go all the way down to a room with several giant floodlights. In that room, there’s one corner with a flood light and a huge rock next to it. Place the items on that big rock. Check out our images below for the exact location.

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