DMZ Look Out, Plant IR Beacon On the Roof of Ashika Castle

“Look Out” is a White Lotus mission in CoD Warzone 2. It consists of several objectives, all of which are very involved and difficult to complete. First you are going to need to “Take the IR beacon left on the rocks off the northern coast of Ashika Island”, and then to “Plant the OR beacon on the roof of Ashika Island.” Needless to say, both of these steps require that you know exactly where you need to go. To help you complete the DMZ Look Out Mission, we are going to show you how and where to plant the IR Beacon on the roof of Ashika Castle.

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DMZ Look Out, Plant IR Beacon On the Roof of Ashika Castle

Where to Plant IR Beacon On the Roof of Ashika Castle in Look Out Warzone 2

First of all you will need to, of course, acquire the IR Beacon itself. If you are having trouble finding it, we have written this guide that explains where the location of the IR Beacon is. Once you have the IR Beacon in your possession, make your way towards Tsuki Castle. This is a high threat level area, so be prepared to meet heavy enemy resistance here. Luckily, you don’t need to go inside the Castle itslef, as the place where you need to plant the Beacon is on the outside. We have marked this location in our screenshots which you can see below.

Go around the Castle and you will see a zipline that will take you directly to the roof. Once you are at the roof, look for roof section with a big flag on top of it. This is where you need to go to plant the IR Beacon. So scale the roof until you reach that spot. All that’s left is to now place the Beacon there to complete the “Look Out” mission.

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    In White Lotus “Look Out” do the two tasks, Obtain the IR Beacon and Plant the IR Beacon on the castle have to be completed within the same mission? I have retrieved the beacon and have a check mark for completing the task. I failed to exfil, so the next time I went to Ashika Island I climbed to the top of the castle to plant the beacon but received the message that the item was not found.Any information will be welcomed.

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