Rejoin Match in Warzone 2

The ability to rejoin a match in Warzone 2 is a newly-added function, and naturally, players want to know how to use it. That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this guide. More than anything, we are going to cover the laundry list of criteria you have to meet in order to go back to the same match after getting disconnected. The mechanic is actually really limited, but not without reason. I mean, if they leave it too open, it’d be ripe for abuse. Let’s begin!

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rejoin match in warzone 2
Rejoin Match in Warzone 2

How to Rejoin Match in Warzone 2

Before you can rejoin a match in Warzone 2, you have to meet certain criteria, as we’ve said. Namely, you must have at least one Squad member remaining alive; this does not work in solo playlists. Also, there have to be at least five Squads remaining in the match. On top of that, I do believe the system only works in Ranked Play, and I’m absolutely certain that it’s only for players who get disconnected. Or, as the patch notes put it: “Players that experience a client crash on their device will be able to reconnect to their match within 4 minutes.” Keep in mind that you can rejoin the same match only once, and if you repeatedly disconnect, your Rejoin ability will be limited. Lastly, if you disconnect via “Leave Match” after being eliminated for over three minutes, you won’t get to rejoin.

So, those are all the criteria that you have to meet in order to rejoin a match in Warzone 2. As far as we know, in order to actually get the option to rejoin the match, you do need to go to the main lobby. Since the update has just launched, we still haven’t been able to confirm how the system works entirely. Feel free to let us know in the comments if we’re wrong. And, for that matter, if the system is working at all, because it’s in beta. I expect that there will be some problems and mishaps with the rejoin feature for a while.

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