Crysis 3 Mission 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Locations

“The Root of All Evil” is the third mission in Crysis 3 and it contains 6 Nanosuit Upgrade Kits. They are located near the dam and CELL System-X Harvesting Facility.
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Nanosuit no. 1

After falling down through the elevator shaft, move toward a large ruined dam, and you will find a turret. Nanosuit upgrade kit is located inside the building behind the turret.

Nanosuit no. 2

At the top of the dam, enter the first building (northernmost) and go down the stairs to a generator room. Nanosuit upgrade is next to the left computer terminal.

Nanosuit no. 3

After destroying the dam, proceed toward the secondary objective. In the crashed helicopter you will find a Nanosuit upgrade.

Nanosuit no. 4

Proceed down the river, until you find a yellow lifeboat (it’s approximately 240 meters from the main objective). Turn right and and look for a tunnel which leads to a cave. Inside the cave, to the right, you will find a Nanosuit kit.

Nanosuit no. 5

Behind the CELL System-X Harvesting Facility, in the upper left corner of the map, you will find a pool of water and a Nanosuit upgrade inside.

Nanosuit no. 6

The Nanosuit Upgrade Kit is inside a blue shack in the center of the CELL System-X Harvesting Facility.