Crysis 3 Mission 4 Datapad Locations

During the Crysis 3 Mission 4: Safeties Off, you can collect eleven Datapads.

Datapad no.
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Following the secondary objective (find out who tortured Psycho), will take you to the crashed helicopter and 3 datapads. The first datapod is inside the helicopter, the second one is in the front section of the helicopter, while the third one is outside, next to the helicopter. The front of the helicopter is facing the room on the first floor, climb up the wall and you will find three datapads and secondary objective data intel on the tables.

Datapad no. 7

When you come to the point where you should “Make your way to the park“, next to the zipline is the room with a datapad on the table.

Datapad no. 8

Climb near the Ceph Mindcarrier. Look for a smashed wardrobe and you will find a datapad on the wardrobe.

Datapad no. 9

The main mission leads you to the CELL Nanosuit Skinning Lab. Go through a ruined building, and check out the room to the left. A datapad is on a chair.

Datapad no. 10

Near the end of the mission, you will find a datapad on the second level, in a room behind Psycho.

Datapad no. 11

At the end of the mission, follow Psycho to the room full of tanks/tubes. A datapad is located to the left, behind the curtains.