Crysis 3 Mission 4 Nanosuit Upgrade Locations

“Safeties off” is the fourth mission in Crysis 3 and it contains 6 Nanosuit Upgrade Kits.

Nanosuit no.
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About 185 meters from the main objective you will come across Chinese lanterns. Before you reach the lanterns turn left into the ruined building. Follow the path until you find a reflector on the ground. In front of you, you will see a ruined building, where you should climb up to the first floor. In the room with a square mark on the wall you will find a nanosuit upgrade.
Note: Don’t forget a turret is nearby.

Nanosuit no. 2

When you reach the point of the mission “Make your way to the park“, next to the Zipline, you will find a room with a nanosuit upgrade.

Nanosuit no. 3

When you reach the point of the mission “Approach the Ceph Mindcarrier” in the center of the map you will find a ruined building and two pool tables alight with a red glowing stick. A nanosuit upgrade hangs on a ruined wall.

Nanosuit no. 4

When you pass by the Ceph Mindcarriera and go down the street to another objective, check out the room in the building at the corner. You will find the next nanosuit upgrade hanging on the wall.

Nanosuit no. 5

At the end of the mission, near the Cell Lab Facility elevator, you will find a path which goes around the facility. Follow the path until you find a blue shack. Nanosuit upgrade is located inside the shack.

Nanosuit no. 6

At the end of the mission you can find a nanosuite upgrade in the room behind the Psycho on the second floor.