Crysis 3 Mission 5 Nanosuit Upgrade Locations

“Red Star Rising” is the fifth mission in Crysis 3 and it contains five Nanosuit Upgrade Kits.

Nanosuit no.
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When you cross the pipe bridge, jump on the top of the building to the left. After that jump down through a hole to access the room below.

Nanosuit no. 2

Before you come to the main objective point “Aproach Ceph Mindcarrier Device” you will come across a ruined building. Once you enter the building, jump down on the lower level, and look for a room with a pool table.

Nanosuit no. 3

Go in the back yard of the building with a yellow mark. Next to the turret you will find ammo creates with a nanosuit upgrade.

Nanosuit no. 4

During the mission you will come across a buggy and crashed tanks. Behind the second tank you will find ammo crates and a nanosuit upgrade on one of them.

Nanosuit no. 5

At the end of the mission when you reach the Command Center, you will gain a secondary objective to destroy the tower air defense system. Once you reach the waypoint, across the generator that should be destroyed, you will find the last nanosuit upgrade kit.


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