Crysis 3 Mission 5 Datapad Locations

During the Crysis 3 Mission 5: Red Star Rising, you can collect five Datapads.

Datapad no.
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Use a ruined “pipe bridge” to reach the second building. Datapad is located on the ammo crate next to a Zipline.

Datapad no. 2

About 1800 meters from the main waypoint there is an area where you should defeat CELL soldiers and Ceph Stalkers. In the left side of the map you will find a building with a stronghold. Go to the first floor amd pass by the room with ammo crates. In the next room you will find a datapad.

Datapad no. 3

During the mission you will come across a buggy and two smashed cell tanks. Next to the buggy you will find orange ammo crates and a Datapad on one of them.

Datapad no. 4

When you reach the Cell gate check out the cargo containers to the left. Next to the second one you will find a datapad on the crates.

Datapad no. 5

Go through the pipe and you will reach the CELL Archangel Command Center. When you exit the pipe you will come across 2 cargo containers. Datapad can be found in the first container to the left.