Cyberpunk 2077 Where to Buy Cars & Find Garage

Cars are your main mode of transportation in Cyberpunk 2077. Night City is pretty big, and getting around on foot is impossible. Since the decline of society means public transport isn’t an option, you’ll have to own at least one set of wheels. You can have more, of course, stored in your garage – you’ll get them as quest rewards, but you’ll also be able to purchase them. If you’re wondering where to buy cars in Cyberpunk 2077, this guide will show you.

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cyberpunk 2077 how to buy cars find garage
Cyberpunk 2077 Where to Buy Cars & Find Garage

How to buy cars in Cyberpunk 2077

There’s no used car salesmen or dealerships in Night City. Instead, you’ll have to rely on your fixers. Whenever a new car becomes available for purchase, you’ll get a text message from the fixer in that area. The car will be added to the quest log – if you check it out in the journal, you’ll see a picture and the price tag. Simply go over there and interact with the car, and you’ll be allowed to buy it.

The criteria for cars appearing on sale are different – some unlock when reaching new areas, others are reliant on street cred, or completing specific missions.

Cyberpunk 2077 garage

There’s no garage as such. There is a place where your vehicles go to sleep, but you can’t visit it. The garage is represented by the list of cars you see when you hold the Call Vehicle button. Whichever you pick will be quickly dispatched to you, but you’ll never know where they go at night.

There is a garage near your apartment – the one you’ll have to park the car in during the early game – but it’s not your personal garage and your other vehicles won’t appear there. It is a good place to steal cars from, if you have the tech.

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