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Clothing in Cyberpunk 2077 is not just making different cosmetic choices, because all peaces have levels, armor and additional parameters that can make your character stronger. Some stats will increase your immunity to a specific damage type, reduce fall damage, or help you during your stealth playthrough with some handy abilities such as making no noise as you land from a jump. Some clothes you can buy from vendors, but those pieces are usually very expensive. Better solution is to find them in the world for free, or get them as rewards for completing some side quests. In this guide we’ll help you find free legendary clothes in Cyberpunk 2077 and show their bonuses and locations on the map.

cyberpunk 2077 legendary clothing
Cyberpunk 2077 Free Legendary Clothes

How to equip and remove clotes

You can equip new piece of clothing from the Inventory screen in the main menu. Clothing items are divided in four groups: head, upper body, lower body and special. Once you select the appropriate item slot you can choose the required item. In the same menu you can also remove a piece by pressing triangle / Y while hovering over it. You have probably noticed that clothes in Cyberpunk 2077 have rarity rating from common (grey) items to most valuable legendary (orange) ones.

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Unique Clothing

Before we list Legendary clothes you can come across while wandering throughout Night City, we would like to share with you some special Unique Clothing that can not be bought in any shop or looted from enemies. These special items are Johnny Silverhand Gun, Samurai Jacket, Aviator Glasses, Tank Top, Trousers, Shoes and you can acquire them only by completing side quests.

Cyberpunk 2077 Free Legendary Clothes Boots, Vest, Pants, Cowboy Hat – Watson Region

#1 Gold Tipped Manganese Steel Solo Boots
These legendary boots are hidden near Hotel Blue Moom. Once you spot the hotel, go down the stairs. You’ll see a bar with Chinese lampoons to your right. Look in a box behind the bar, near huge garbage container. These legendary boots will reduce fall damage by 5% and give you 65 armor.

#2 Outer Torso – Duolayer Polyamide Rocker Vest
This Rocker Vest can be collected across from El Dorado Pawn Shop and RuLai Shop. Go up the stairs to the first floor where you’ll see two girls sitting on the bench. Turn left and you’ll see a body on the ground that you should loot. Armor 121, One Clothing Mod Slot.#3 Legs – Anti-Puncture Neotac Pants With Composite Lining
Look for Farrier, Little China Watson traffic sign, then go across the street into a passage. At the end of a passage, just before you reach the stairs, you’ll come across a body to your left.#4 Gold Cowboy Hat – Mirame Reinforced Composite Cowboy Hat
Gold Cowboy Hat is not legendary item, but it looks so cool and I had to add it to this collection. You can loot it on the same spot where you collected #3 Neotac Pants.

cyberpunk 2077 gold cowboy hat

Legendary COATS, PANTS & BOOTS Locations in Rancho Colorado Region

#5 Legendary Coat – Trilayer Aramid Weave Fixer Coat
This legendary coat can be found in a metal box next to a red cabin, under the broken Ferris wheel in Rancho Coronato. It increases carrying capacity by 7, reduces damage from negative status effects by 5%, and has one empty clothing mod slot.

#6 Reinforced Duolayer Techie Cargo Pants
Reinforced Duolayer Techie Cargo Pants can be looted from a corpse next to a big truck.
Increases Crit chance by 15%, reduces fall damage by 5%#7 Waterproof Badge Combat Boots This waterproof boots can be found on a rooftop, next to a huge pile of garbage. They will increase your armor and movement speed.#8 Scratch Resistant Polarized Rocker Aviators
Look for homeless guy under interchange. This item increases damage against enemies with moderate and high threat levels by 5%.#9 Heavy Duty Aramid Reinforced Badge Coat Loot two police officers behind huge garbage containers.
This outer torso reduces stamina consumption when blocking melee attacks by 8%. Reduces damage from negative status effects by 8%. Reduces damage from explosions by 5%. Empty clothing mod slot.

Legendary Jacket, Shirt, Glasses, Cap Locations Cyberpunk 2077 Jackson Plains

#10 Duolayer Microplate-Mesh Nomad Jacket
Loot the underground bunker next to a large house in the middle of the desert.
Reduces damage from explosions and Stamina consumption when blocking melee attacks by 5%.

#11 Armored Media Ocuset with Camera
The legendary armored media ocuset is inside a mobile home that’s next to one of the giant satellite dishes (or whatever those are).
Increases maximum Oxygen by 10, and your Armor score by 6.391.#12 Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses
Loot the blue container under a large, crashed transporter; the one with the body inside.
Increases max Oxygen by 5.#13 Media Baseball Cap with Reactive Layer
Climb on top of the “antenna” next to the abandoned, angular building.
Increases max Oxygen by 5 (there seems to be a pattern emerging here).#14 Polycarbonate Nomad Shirt with Reinforced Seams
The Nomad shirt is on the body that’s lying next to the abandoned van, among an assorted number of other useful stuff scattered around.
Increases carrying capacity by 5, reduces damage from explosions by 8% and damage from negative status effects by 5%.

This guide is work in progress, and we will update it as we come across new legendary clothing. If you have any additional information where we can search for new pieces please leave a detailed explanation in the comments below.

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  1. D
    Dylan Yuste

    Is the armor rating a set stat? Or do they scale with your level when you find them? Not sure if I want to get them all at once or wait until I’m a higher level

  2. C
    Chris Stokes

    Hey your guides are awesome! I just wanted to let you know I found a side quest that was for Johnny silver hands missing track tapes. Basically you go to his old club and then track down a guy selling them. Anyways, he also sells a legendary samurai t shirt with four mod slots. I didn’t see you list that. Also there’s a cool legendary pistol called skippy I came across too. Thanks guys

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thanks for the info. The quest name is Ballad of Buck Ravers and starts in Japantown market if I remember correctly. We’ll add it. We have Skippy on the website and our youtube channel already :).

  3. D

    Hey, just to let you know that the stats are random determined by what mods it rolls. If you want to be a save scummer you can save just before looting and keep reloading till you get the stats you want

  4. D

    Found a legendary set of aviators… if you go to the spot where you can buy the Type 66 640 TS Quadra in rancho coronado, santo domingo… there’s a building called “foodscapes” that two cops are questioning a gonk. Go around the back of it outside and you’ll find them on a dead body. I also found an epic shirt on the body as well. Preem stuff choom.

  5. V

    It seems as though they scale, to what degree I don’t know, when I got the cargo pants they had a base armour of 112, when I found the neotec they had an armour of 38. There was a 16 level diff, neotec first at level 14. Most other items seem to level, I think loot is leveled on entry to area so if you come back later it’ll be at the level you first entered its spawn area at. Not much of an issue crafted is better and you can pretty much craft whichever item you want if you visit traders enough. Still kinda sucks to a degree though legendary iconic items seem to have a set level since they cannot be crafted again (those that are gained at legendary like the overwatch for a weapon) , they are usually at the upper end usually better than anything unless you’ve went nuts upgrading.

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