Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Choices - Judy Romance - Kill Maiko Choice

Pisces is a major side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 and the choices you make during it will determine whether you will be able to romance Judy Alvarez or not. This side job becomes available after you complete Talking About a Revolution successfully. This means that you agreed to help the gang and play the game for quite some time. You had to accept It resolves the story of the Clouds establishment, while forcing you to make choices that can have dire consequences on your relationships with important game characters. We’ll tell you how to start the quest, all choices and consequences for the Cyberpunk Pisces quest

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Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces Choices - Judy Romance - Kill Maiko Choice

How to Start Pisces – Get Judy to call you after Talking About a Revolution

To start Pisces quest you have to agree to help Judy and her friends during Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution quest and then play the game for several hours when you should receive another message from Judy that starts with “Heyo, V”. Skip time for 6-24 hours after you receive that message and Judy should call and ask to meet her. This also starts the Pisces quest. Some people say that you should just skip time after finishing the revolution quest and that will trigger the message from Judy. For me it worked after I played the game, doing other quests for quite some time. Make sure you save after Talking About a Revolution and try skipping time for 6 hours. If the call doesn’t come in the next few minutes reload the save you made and skip time again. If that does not trigger it just play the game like I did.

How to Start Pisces Get Judy call

You can still change your mind and call Judy via your phone, if you did not agree to help the gang during Talking About a Revolution. Open your phone menu and select Judy to call her and offer to help. This should put you back on track to doing Pisces.

Cyberpunk Pisces Choices – Kill or Spare Maiko – Judy Alvarez Romance Conditions

You’ll meet the dolls and Judy at Megabuilding H8 around 4PM. You’ll infiltrate the apartment across the roof. Doing things stealthily or violently makes no difference for quest resolution. Turns out Maiko has her own plans. You now have to choose to agree to Maiko’s plan and peacefully resolve the whole thing or defy her and get rid of everyone in the room. Conversation choices that block Judy romance further on are:

  • Hiromi has to go
  • Maiko will run things as she does now
  • Accept her payment
If you accept the payment from Maiko you will block any chance of romancing Judy.

To make sure that Judy romance can still happen you have to have things play out differently. There’s a violent and peaceful solution. Peaceful solution is to have Maiko become the boss of Clouds and not start a fight, but refuse her payment. If Maiko really gets on your nerves choose to fight everyone right away or declare Clouds independence. Here are conversation options you need to choose to have a non-violent solution with Judy romance still available:

  • Hiromi has to go
  • Maiko will run things as she does now
  • Refuse Maiko’s payment
Refusing the payment keeps the romance alive and nobody has to die.

This results in Maiko becoming the new boss of Clouds and Judy will admit this was the best resolution. If you choose to get rid of Tyger Claws and Maiko choose

  • Clouds declares its independence. OR
  • [Draw weapon] Let’s cut to the quick.

Afterwards you can just not talk to Maiko and leave her alive or talk to her and have a fight with her. Judy will be pissed if you kill Maiko, but your romance is still possible. One final note is that later you find out things did not go well for Clouds if you did not let Maiko run it. Honestly though, do as your gut tells you.

pisces choice kill Maiko

Judy Romance – Pyramid Song

After successful resolution of Pisces you will get the quest Pyramid Song. You have to finish Pisces by not accepting Maiko’s plan or playing along with it but not accepting her money. Next, skip 24 in-game hours. To be able to romance Judy you have to have a character with feminine body type and feminine voice. During Pyramid Song accept all her invitations. Go diving, spend the night and kiss her when you get a chance. Lastly, choose “the beginning of something amazing” response the next morning on the pier.

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