Double Life Cyberpunk 2077 - Look for Clues in the Recording

Cyberpunk 2077 Double Life is a mission during which you’ll have to help Judy look for clues in the recording, aka the braindances that Evelyn had recorded. In the first recording, you have to find several clues in order to complete that step of the CP2077 Double Life quest. The second braindance requires you to eavesdrop on a phone conversation, albeit in a language that you don’t understand. Don’t worry, Judy will have you covered, just like we have you covered with our Double Life Cyberpunk 2077 – Look for Clues in the Recording guide.

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double life cyberpunk 2077 look for clues in the recording
Double Life Cyberpunk 2077 – Look for Clues in the Recording

Where to Find Clues in the Recording in Cyberpunk 2077 Double Life Mission Braindance?

To find clues in the Double Life first braindance recording in Cyberpunk 2077, there are two time stamps that are of crucial importance; one is at the beginning, and the other is around 28-29 seconds in. You can watch the entirety of the video first, just to get your overall bearings. If you’ve visited the cathedral where Evelyn and the netrunner are talking in, V will recognize it, which is a neat little detail.

Anyway, at the very start of the video, pause it. There are two clues that you can find here. The first one is the netrunner herself. The second is the huge hologram that’s hovering where the church’s altar is. To be completely fair, you can scan the netrunner later in the video, too; however, why not get two birds with one stone?

The third clue becomes available at the 28th second of the recording. Out of the three clues in the first braindance in Cyberpunk 2077 Double life, it’s definitely the most difficult one to find. It’s actually the fliers that are at Evelyn’s feet.

How to Solve Second Braindance in Double Life Cyberpunk 2077 – Listen to Netrunner’s Conversation

To solve the second braindance in the Double Life Cyberpunk 2077 mission and listen to the netrunner’s conversation, all you have to do is follow the mission steps. The first thing you need to do is watch the entirety of the video. You’ll see Evelyn eavesdropping on the netrunner’s conversation, but you can’t understand a word of it. Fortunately, there’s a solution for it.

Judy will tell you to switch to the Audio layer, so do just that. You’ll now notice that the phone is glowing green, so scan it and play the recording again. You still won’t be able to understand anything, so talk to Judy once more. She’ll upload some kind of translator for you. When that’s done, listen to the recording for a third time. Now, you’ll understand what’s going on. I won’t tell you what it is; no spoilers here.

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