Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs of Night City Shown Off in New Trailer

Gangs are a huge part of life in Cyberpunk 2077. Not much of a surprise there, right? Much like the corporations fight for territory on the upper crust of society, the gangs do so on the literal street level. Some neighborhoods of Night City have one gang that rules supreme, while others are torn to shreds in a turf war. You will have to learn to navigate this complex interplay of power struggles to achieve your goals. Just know that there’ll be betrayal at every step you take.

cyberpunk 2077 gangs of night city shown off in new trailer
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs of Night City Shown Off in New Trailer

So, what are the gangs that you’ll be encountering in Night City? Well, there’s Maelstrom, who basically are crazed cyborgs resembling techno-zombies not unlike the Psychos from Borderlands. Then, there’s the Valentinos, who are a stereotypical Latinx gang but with cyberware. Not exactly the most imaginative, but whatever.

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Next up, we have 6th Street, which is the most “Murican” of the bunch. They wear the American flag on everything and keep prattling on about the Second Amendment. At least they’re somewhat racially diverse. Then we get to the Voodoo Boys, which we’ve already seen in previous materials. Hailing from Haiti, this gang houses the most skilled netrunners, and cyberspace is where they rule supreme.

The Voodoo Boys are at war with The Animals. Aptly named, this gang are the barbarians of Night City. Their focus is brute strength, and any implants they have serves that purpose and little more. We move now to Tyger Claws, who are the future Yakuza, more or less. Again, this is fairly stereotypical for cyberpunk settings, you know exactly what they’re like without even seeing them.

Our next contestant for the soul of the Night City streets are the Moxes. Made up of prostitutes, pimps, cross-dressers, and other misfits from the gutters, they were born out of necessity to protect themselves from other gangs. They want to change the place for the better, or at least they say so. Yes, they are my absolute favorites out of the bunch, by a long stretch.

Of course, the Badlands surrounding the city also has its share of gangs, such as Aldecaldos and Wraiths. As far as I can tell, anyone is welcome in these groups. The only thing that matters is your loyalty to the family.

So, there you have it, those are some of the gangs that you’ll have to deal with while you’re trying to survive Night City and climb to the top. You can check out the trailer below to get some visuals. Good luck out there, and again, always remember – nobody is your friend in Cyberpunk.

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