Cyberpunk 2077 Jackie Missing in The Pickup Bug Fix

The Pickup is one of the missions in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s the one where you and Jackie negotiate with the Maelstrom in order to get the Flathead bot you need for the Arasaka job. There’s a nasty bug in it, which is preventing a number of people from completing the quest – Jackie goes missing halfway through, and is nowhere to be found. If you’ve experienced this problem, our Cyberpunk 2077 Jackie missing in Pickup bug fix guide will try to help you.

cyberpunk 2077 jackie missing pickup quest bug
Cyberpunk 2077 Jackie Missing in The Pickup Bug Fix

Not able to meet up with Jackie in Pickup quest bug

There are two main variations of this bug. In one, Jackie disappears before you enter the Maelstrom lair. In the other, he disappears after you exit. He’s supposed to be by your side, and you need to talk to him after talking to Meredith, but he’s not there.

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The marker either disappears, or points back towards the base. Either way, you can’t get to Jackie, which means you can’t complete the quest and progress the story.

There’s no guaranteed fix, but there are several things you could try.

  1. Loading an earlier save, one where Jackie is still with you and wait for him to walk outside first to initiate a script monologue.
  2. Fast traveling to another place then coming back is also an option. Giving it some time and completing some side quests could move things along as well.

Sadly, a lot of people will just have to wait for the developers to patch this one out. If you’re experiencing this bug, you can report it to CDPR using the form on their support site.

This probably won’t be the only bug you encounter, either. The game is experiencing a rocky launch, and the developers are surely working on a patch already. You’ll have to have a little more patience – after all, you’ve waited all these years.

If you need help with anything else in the game, we have guides for you to check out. For example, if you don’t know how to remove the virus from the chip and find the Militech Datashard correct cack sequence we can help. Or, can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077? We'll also help with your first Cyberpunk 2077 braindance during the Information quest.

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  1. M

    This bug is incredibly frustrating. Loading earlier missions does not seem to fix. Makes the main quest unplayable.

    1. H

      nothing helps.

    2. A

      Before you leave the building wait for Jackie to walk out first.
      After u both walk outside wait for a military guy to run up to the door behind u(he keeps u from re entering the building.
      Then u should be able to complete the mission.
      I did have to start at a earlier checkpoint since I got the glitch the first run.

      1. J

        Thanks for actual advice, the article is useless

      2. C

        I crept past end guys. Jackie just sits there as I wait at the door. Once ya leave milutch doesn’t let him out or u in. So lame. I tried to wait it out for an hr. To no avail

  2. J

    Hey, found a fix that worked for me. If the objective marker or quest icon isn’t showing up, simply CALL Jackie and it resets it. At least, it worked for me!

    Enjoy, and I hope that helps!

    1. A
      Alex MacDonell

      That doesnt work, jackie doesnt pick up and the objective is still inside

      1. E
        Emmanuelle Chai

        This is really frustrating.. 🙁

      2. B
        Bob Smith

        I tried this myself. He did pick up and says he’s at a food spot. Nothing changes on the map.

    2. S

      Didn‘t help 🙁

    3. K

      Tried that, all he does is keeps on calling me !

    4. N

      Nah the phone calls won’t stop for me when I try he just freaks and keeps calling back but yeah I have no idea where I’m supposed to find him ive done mad side quests traveled nothing works to fix this im on xbox one x

  3. K
    Kieran O'Dowd

    I used a fast travel point just outside of the building (blue marker) then travelled back. Fixed it for me.

  4. K

    I ran into this and reloading last save and sticking with Jackie the whole way out of the building after the boss fight worked for me

  5. G

    For me the marker is still inside the building after I leave. I was like, “guess he’s talking to some Militech people.”
    I go to walk in and the mother fucker at the door keeps shoving me back. Took me 20 mins to realize it was a bug

  6. G

    For those who have Jackie stuck inside the building at the end. I loaded my last save and just ran through All Foods ignoring the enemies. Killed the enemies that were blocking the door, and then I waited for Jackie to walk out the door before me.

    1. A
      Ang Qiuteng

      just my 2 cents or i may have been lucky. at the exit, make sure jackie is in the small room, then go crouch/stand by the door and let the patrolling human look at you. i heard jackie say “quick, hide!” and then he proceeds to run through me and exits the room.
      I’m assuming jackie panicked when the patrol looks in your direction and runs to the nears hiding spot.

  7. F

    I got something that worked for me, I just did everything I could to keep him within 10 or so meters and in my line of sight at all times, quick saved frequently during the brief breaks from combat, did a lot of walking backwards to make sure he was still following me, sometimes he would still dissappear while I was looking at him so I had to reload about three times but got it done, hope this isn’t forever with this guy lol.

    Was he sitting on an invisible chair for anyone else?

    1. F

      For me the problems begin from the moment you meet up with him at the side door w/intercom outside All-Foods.
      I noticed that he would clip into this odd reclining animation, like he was still sitting in that chair in the fortune teller’s shop, and default to the three or four dialogue options you had there (how’s momma, whats up with Misty? (i think that’s her name), and option 3).

      The first three times I attempted this mission he would disappear right before or after you go into the main warehouse (when the gang turns on the bright lights), leaving me stranded waiting for him in the elevator, unable to proceed with the mission.

      So I came up with the strategy outlined above, keep him in line of sight and close, and every forty seconds or so I would approach him and hit “talk” then back away from him once I saw the dialogue options pop up. During firefights I’d stay right next to him, about half of the times he disappeared were during the numerous gunfights, so if I made it through a gunfight and he was still there I would save and then walk backward towards the next objective so I could keep him in my line of sight, I would never get too far away from him, 10-15 meters max, saving often and continuing to engage him with the action button to keep the dialogue options open.

      In this fashion I was able to get him into the room of the final firefight where it was clear he was glitching out badly, he would fire a single shot from his pistols, then reload them while moving his arms in sort of a windmill, it was weird. After the final enemy was defeated he instantly disappeared, but to my pleasant surprise he had teleported to the exit door, allowing me to complete the mission as Dum Dum registered his presence and ‘escorted’ me to the exit.

      If I had been thinking I would have captured some video, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work, but hey! it did

  8. D

    I am trying to do the quest ‘The Information’ where I have to go to Lizzies bar between 6pm – 6am, but it tells me to talk to the bouncers but I cannot interact with them. Essentially meaning I can’t progress the main story.

    I have completed the Maelstrom factory quest with no issues.

  9. A

    New Problem, Now the door won’t open. Jackie walks right through a closed door to leave then looks back at you from out side.. Can’t get through the door, that seems like it shouldn’t be there so can’t complete.

  10. D
    Damn u Jackie

    I got so far on side jobs I can’t start all over ! Come on Jackie!

  11. M

    Jackie is missing so I cant start heist what do I do ?

  12. N

    I actually found the cause of the bug! Calling Jackie on your phone and ending the call will cause him to despawn, making the quest impossible to complete. Attached is a video of me ending a call right in front of Jackie.

  13. H

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but if you allow Jackie to leave the HQ first, the problem doesn’t occur. Of course I had to back up four hours of playtime to find a save that allowed this, but at least i got to move forward in the main story

  14. K

    Bouncer problems for me to just can’t talk to them. never had jack Disappear I had the issue before melstrome

    And that went fine never hug up on him either

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Try skipping time in the main game menu by an hour or teleporting in and out to try and fix the bouncers not talking to you.

  15. G

    I have the same problem. I uploaded the last patch 1.04, always blocked. Jackie is lost.

  16. C
    Cybro Punkino

    A GameStopper in the main quest line? RLY CDPR? This must not happen. NEVER EVER!

  17. D

    I had this bug, too. Jackie won’t come out of the final door and the military guy kept pushing me back.
    What DID work in the end was to NOT sneak past the end boss as I’ve done before, but to sneak up to him and take him out. I lost the “sneak past Ryker/Rush/whatever” (already forgot his name xD) bonus, got an iconic item and Jackie walked out the exit door all by himself 🙂

  18. G

    The reason Jackie sometimes gets stuck is if you walk all the way up against the exit door and trigger Jackie’s dialogue before actually opening it. Then he never leaves.

    If you open the door from a distance then walk out he’ll teleport slightly before saying whatever it is he says about Millitech.

  19. R

    I can’t meet him to start the main quest, been on side quests and even met Evylin and the corp agent, Jackie still doesn’t appear… I don’t mind bugs in a new game, but a game stopping bug like this in the main storyline is a bit much imo

  20. Z

    You have to kill Royce, then Jackie will walk out in front of you. If you don’t kill Royce Jackie will not leave the building.

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