Cyberpunk 2077 Olive Branch - Let Alex Out or Close Trunk

Olive Branch is a side quest in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s the one where a suspicious Russian asks you to bring a car to the Tyger Claws as a gift, in order to appease them. During the ride, the car will start talking – turns out there’s a guy in the trunk. His name is Alex something, he’s a biotech engineer, and he would like out of the trunk. You’re faced with a choice then – to release him, or take him to the meet as agreed. If you’re wondering what to pick, our Cyberpunk 2077 Olive Branch guide will show you the consequences of choosing to let Alex out or close the trunk.

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cyberpunk 2077 olive branch let alex out close trunk
Cyberpunk 2077 Olive Branch – Let Alex Out or Close Trunk

Let Alex out

If you decide to release Alex, he’ll pay you double what you were promised. He’ll run along and Wakako will give you a spiel about betraying your clientele. So you’ll get more money, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve tricked a bunch of crooks.

Close trunk – deliver Alex to Tyger Claws

If you close the trunk on Alex and drive him to the Tyger Claws diner, the rude gangsters will send you away as soon as you drop off the car. Don’t overstay your welcome, or they might attack you. You’ll get the agreed upon sum, and Wakako will commend your professionalism.

Keep in mind that after you drive into the parking lot, there’s no changing your mind. Once you park the car behind the diner, you’ll lose the ability to open the trunk, or enter the car. In other words, don’t postpone making the decision.

It won’t make any difference in the long run – it’s not like this choice will derail the plot of the entire game or something. It’s pretty much a morality choice, with some extra cash if you make the right decision.

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  1. A

    You can drive the car to the restaurant and then beat up the Tyger Claws. Afterwards youre able too free him. That way you get the most loot out of it.

    1. C

      Thanks, dude. The answer I was looking for.

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    The initial dialog makes reference to a misunderstanding with “a hitman who has a little dog. What kind of hitman has a little dog?”
    Just in case you forgot who was voicing Johnny,,,

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