Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams - Pay Stefan or Not - Where is Your Gear

Sweet Dreams is a side quest in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a side quest you should not play under any circumstances, but if you’ve already started it, you’ll want to get the most out of it. Wondering whether to pay Stefan for the BD or not? Wondering where all your gear has gone? Our Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams guide will answer all the burning questions you have.

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cyberpunk 2077 sweet dreams pay stefan or not where is your gear
Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams – Pay Stefan or Not – Where is Your Gear

Pay Stefan for the BD or not?

When you first meet Stefan, he’ll offer to sell you a BD recording for 16000 eddies. Just walk away. It’s in your best interest. Trust me on this one – this place is not a place of honor. No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here – nothing valued is here.

If you did shell out the 16k for the BD, and the additional 4k for the equipment, you’ll end up in a bathtub, stripped of all your posessions. In fact, it’s the same bathtub you and Jackie found Sandra Dorsett in way back when. Memories, eh?

Find and retrieve the equipment – where to find your gear?

Although the game seems to think your main objective now is to escape the scavs, we all know that’s not true. The only thing you’re thinking about right now is your gear. Where is your gear? All those legendary clothing items, the iconic weapons, the crafting materials – gone, like tears in rain?

Well, not really. They’re in the hideout. Once you reach the room where you fought the boss, head through the hole into the big room. Follow the right wall – the one with the windows – until you reach a locker stuffed with suspicious amounts of high-quality gear. Once you’ve got your stuff, you can blast everyone to bits and get out.

Once you’re out, track down Stefan and do what you will with him. It doesn’t make any difference – you’re sure as hell not getting your 20k back. Your best bet would be to reload a save from a happier time, a time before Stefan entered your life.

If you need help with anything else in the game, we have guides for you to check out. For example, if you don’t know how to remove the virus from the chip and find the Militech Datashard correct cack sequence we can help. Or, can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077? We'll also help with your first Cyberpunk 2077 braindance during the Information quest.



  1. A
    Austyn Rhodes

    this quest is just a big “we don’t care” to everyone, there’s even a bug that make the locker not spawn your gear, it should be removed, the person who though of, and implemented this quest needs to be fired, this is how you ruin a players feeling for a game and in turn make them spread hatred about the game.

    “oh you’re trying to complete all the quests in the game” well that’s bad, and all your loot you’ve gained from the first 60 hours of the game, guess you shouldn’t have played in the first place – sadistic person that should be barred from ever working in any industry again.

    there is no winning this quest, only losing 20k or all of your hard earned eddies and belongings

    1. R
      Ryan Rogers

      Someone seems cranky.

        1. S

          Oooh, scathing. Watch out, guys, we have a master of the witty retort on our hands.

          1. E
            Evidentally You Didn't Hear:

            Shut up.

          2. W
            wait but

            who asked

    2. J
      Jonatan S. S.

      Damn dude your feelings got hurt, stop being a whiney b*** it’s just a game

    3. Q

      I actually really liked the quest.

      I got my stuff back and murdered the gonk fuckers who thought trying to get revenge on me was a good idea.

      You think taking my gear will stop me? I’m a netrunner. You should have taken my deck before I woke up.

      Best part is reading the messages on the computer, they KNOW you’re the solo that hit them and took Mrs. Dorsett. They hadn’t killed you yet cause they wanted to do something special to screw with you. Terrible mistake that, since you live and non of them do.

    4. T

      You can actually complete the quest and not go through the fiasco with the bathtub. After paying 16k to stefan. Do not pay another 4k for his wreath ! Simply go back to him and ask for your money back. He will be angry but will pay you back. Sadly I didn’t see the quest in completed quests tab but it’s not active anymore either!

    5. J

      You sound like a b****

    6. J
      Johnny Silverhand

      Look man it’s realistic, that life. These streets will chew you up and spit you out. Difference is, this is a fucking game. So don’t complain.

    7. W
      Wolfman Jack

      What’s the matter Karen, you want to speak to their manager?

  2. R
    Ray Ray

    Darn near saved my life ?? I couldn’t figure out how to use the bd so with my luck came here now im all good reload the game gtfo.
    I thought I was about to hit the jackpot?

  3. C
    Christopher Davis

    I read this thread to figure out how to use the bd but after reading it I learned the truth and instead demanded my Eddie’s back I got them back and mission is considered complete dont have to loose your stuff just dont buy his head set or your screwed

    1. A

      O h wow, I completed the quest but never had the option to get my money back. restarted the previous save so I could double check every option and still could not get the money back. in fact the last option is to tellStefan that you’ll give him one more chance, or, that he needs to leave town immediately; either way he just runs away and leaves me standing there missing my $20,000.

  4. J

    That’s a great quest that teaches not to trust your life to the first man on a street.
    Also, I liked to deal with trashers with my bare hands. Didn’t like tho that they were just spawning from nowhere on your back, that was a really terrible and annoying mechanic part.
    Got some fun.

    1. A

      I mean, every NPC that I have trusted on a mission is someone that I just met on the street. But I will say that Stefan was extra sketchy.

  5. A

    I just did this mission twice.

    The first time I thought it was bugged so I started it over.

    The second time I realized it is in fact bugged.

    Thanks to these pictures I was able to get my feet back.

    RIP stefan
    For me it was about 1k then 4k so about 5k. I can afford it.

  6. S

    If it wasn’t bugged I’d think the mission was okay but losing out on my gear because of the bug makes it a real PITA.

    1. Q

      Yeah, I was fine with the quest but I didn’t get that bug. If it bugged out and stole my high level gear I’d be pretty pissed too.

  7. D

    If you want the map marker to disappear you can first pay the 16k, try your own equipment instead of buying the 4k “vintage gear” and then demand you eddies back. He will give all back, and the quest will end and marker will go poof from your map.

  8. C
    C Dawg

    Gotta say, I loved this quest. One of those quests where you gotta give props to the game developers. Those bastards have gotten me twice now. This and another time I popped me head over a ledge and got a face full of claymore. Had me laughing. Touche. Glad they pretty much want you to use save rewinds.

  9. J

    The worst part is there’s no “Beat Stefan into a pulp” option. Your two options are to let him go or… let him go. Um okay.

    1. E

      I just shot him in the face instead of choosing

  10. D
    Danny Yolo


  11. C

    Oh my god I’m glad I read this. Had $220,000 on me ???

  12. M

    I preferred the option of buying the BD, then demanding my money back, threatening to rip out his optics if he ever fucks with me again. That was a happy ending to this quest. No money lost, and i came out feeling on top.

  13. F
    Francesco D'Arcangeli

    There is actually a way to not lose your gear AND butcher some scavs, simply drop all your stuff minus what you may need to slaughter the scavs (say, some armor, a gun etc) and then play the mission.
    OR play a monowire/ ‘rilla arms / mantis blades build, there you don’t actually need anything…

  14. A

    Stefan dose not show for me at Cherry Blossom Market, unable to complete mission, making it unable to complete Japantown.

    Any help?

  15. B

    Must have fixed it since this was posted because I just did this mission and at the end when I confronted Stefan he gave me back the 20k eddies. Still gonna blast his face off though…

  16. D

    So. i Bought 16 k bd, said yes to 4k and his equipment. Woke up having my deck, toasted the second half of the scav team with the quickhacks (not deadly), walking naked with the optical camo, ghost in the shell style. Laughed at the emails, took my equipment back from the locker and slowly finished everyone of with the Sir John Phallustiff. Why the pointer still shows me to the empty locker? Whatever.
    Got out, beating all the scavs near the building.
    Met Stefan coming with katana in the hand, he immediately transferred the 20k back. I said he can go now.
    Because I had my fun 😀 Best quest ever.

  17. S

    I literally just completed this quest and he gave me back the 20k I originally paid him. I did walk all the way back there with the big gun just to shoot him with it having no intention of getting my eddies back. Sadly he gave me the money and I tried killing him and ended up fighting the cops.
    So maybe they fixed this quest to make it more enjoyable.

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