Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter Account Tweets Again After A Thousand Years

We live in exciting times, where tweets are considered newsworthy. Even ones that don’t actually contain any information – ones where the existence of the tweet itself is the news. Such is the case with BEEP, a poignant tweet from the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account, a powerful message future generations will learn about in marketing school.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter Account Tweets Again After A Thousand Years

First, let’s get the tweet itself out of the way. Bask in its light. Savour it. Let it wash over you. Become one with the tweet.

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Can you feel it? Can you feel the weight of it pressing down on you? It’s the first time CDP RED has tweeted from that account in half a decade, which in internet time translates to around a thousand years. The gears started turning as soon as the tweet echoed across the vast nothingness of the internet – the greatest minds of the era are trying to crack the code as we speak, trying to uncover the true meaning of BEEP.

Because it can’t be just a company dusting off a dormant Twitter account, in anticipation of the first droplets from the marketing teat. No, it has to have a deeper meaning. Why today, on this exact date? Why “beep”? Does it have to do with robots? Or perhaps the sound a heart monitor makes? The devs have said they like the “Bethesda model”, in which you announce games shortly before releasing them. Does this mean Cyberpunk 2077 is actually launching tomorrow? Holy moly, I haven’t preordered yet! How will I get the exclusive Robo-Woman With The Claws figurine and the luxurious plastic box now?

Ahem. In short, CDP Red are poking us with a stick, to make sure we haven’t forgotten about Cyberpunk 2077. Nothing to see here. Keep on keeping on.

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