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Cornyx of The Great Swamp is a merchant in Dark Souls 3. He’s an old pyromancer – he can help you with pyromancy flame upgrades, as well as new spells from Pyromancy Tomes.
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You’ll have to find him first, and let him come to Firelink Shrine. This guide will show you where to find Cornyx the Pyromancer in Dark Souls 3.

dark souls 3 cornyx of the great swamp

Cornyx the Pyromancer Location

He can be found in the Undead Settlement area. He’s trapped in a cage – you’ll have to rescue him if you want to recruit him. There’s no special story or quest tied to him, but you’ll need him if you want to use fire magic. He’s pretty much necessary, since the only other NPC that sells these spells is found in the last third of the game.

If you spawn at the first bonfire, go through the house and onto the square with the pyre. Cross the bridge on the right and go through the barn. This will get you in front of the building where Cornyx is.

Jump off the cliff to the right, and follow the ledge to the basement door. Enter the building, light the bonfire and exit the other way. Climb the stairs to the roof, go through the tower and onto the terrace. Cornyx will be in a cage hanging from a chain. Talk to him and accept his offer to learn pyromancies. When you visit Firelink Shrine next time, he’ll be in the lower area, under the blacksmith.

He starts off with only 4 fire spells, but he can read most of the Pyromancy Tomes. You can also buy a Pyromancer outfit from him (the one with the crown), or use Titanite Shards to reinforce your flame.

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