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dark souls 3 karla the witch npc

Karla NPC

Karla the Witch is one of the NPCs in Dark Souls 3. She can be found trapped in Irithyll Dungeon. Once freed, she starts selling…

dark souls 3 yuria of londor

Yuria of Londor

Yuria of Londor is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. She’s a Darkwraith that will show up at Firelink Shrine at some point, giving you…

dark souls 3 leonhard the ringfinger

Leonhard The Ringfinger

Leonhard The Ringfinger is a mysterious NPC from Dark Souls 3. You’ll find him leaning against the highest throne in Firelink Shrine. He’ll give you…

dark souls 3 irina of carim

Irina of Carim

Irina of Carim is a blind maiden raised to become a Fire Keeper. She’s an NPC in Dark Souls 3, who start selling miracles if…

dark souls 3 orbeck of vinheim

Orbeck of Vinheim

Orbeck of Vinheim is a reclusive sorcerer who can sell you spells in Dark Souls 3. You’ll find this NPC in the Road of Sacrifices,…

dark souls 3 anri of astora

Anri of Astora

Anri of Astora is one of the more important NPCs in Dark Souls 3. Anri’s gender depends on that of your character (always opposite), and…