Covetous Silver Serpent Ring | Dark Souls 3

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring is a rare item in Dark Souls 3. It looks like a silver snake with pale blue eyes coiling around your finger. When worn, it will increase the number of souls you get for each kill by 10%. You’ll need to invest a bunch of money to get it, but it will be worth it. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Covetous Silver Serpent Ring in Dark Souls 3.

How to get Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

The ring is hidden in Firelink Shrine. You’ll need to buy the Tower Key from the Shrine Handmaiden if you want it. The key costs 20,000 souls, so you’ll need to save up a bit before you can have it.

Once you’ve got it, this is how to get to the ring:

A silver ring depicting a snake that could have been, but never was, a dragon. Fallen foes yield more souls.

Snakes are known as creatures of great avarice, devouring prey even larger than themselves by swallowing them whole. If one’s shackles are cause for discontent, perhaps it is time for some old-fashioned greed.

Wearing the ring will provide you with 10% more souls for each kill. This includes boss monsters. We haven’t been able to try this out yet, but it may be possible to cheat the game by equipping the ring in the period between the boss kill and the time the souls are added. This way, you could use one ring during the fight, then exchange it for the Serpent in the end to get more souls.

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  1. K

    Hi, in DS2, there were many available silver serpent rings. Have you found any more in the game?

    1. B

      I haven’t found a better serpent ring yet. However there’s a “shield of want” which has a similar effect but grants +20% souls. I have not tested if the effects stack, so far I’d venture to say “no” though, as I have not encountered any stackable effects this far

      1. R

        Actually it does stack, shield plus ring is a 30% more souls, and if you get the mimic´s headpiece is a 80% more souls total, perfect for farming in anor londo. Cheers!
        PD: I already tested it multiple times, souls gathering items do stack, if you guys know any other armor/weapon that increases soul gathering let me know since I am farming to get nameless warrior down =P.
        So to get it right.
        Ring = 10%
        shield = 20%
        Mimic´s head= 50% and item discovery bonus. (not sure how much in %)

      2. R

        And btw a LOT of sffects stats in DS3, ive testes both pyromancer rings, they do stack, ive testes pyromancy rings + clutch red ring and they do stack, so both pyro ring + red clutch ring or dark clutch if you wann use dark pyro = HUGE dmg, doing 550 dmg right now with dark flame on anor londo silver knights.

  2. D

    Yeah just farmed 2 million (NG+) with that gear on. Also possible to put on after boss kill. I switch avarice helm on first just in case im too slow for others. Keep bonfire, im farming dragon wizards with 62 int crystal soul spear currently but was doing this in NG with hidden and just taking more time.

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