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Irina of Carim is a blind maiden raised to become a Fire Keeper. She’s an NPC in Dark Souls 3, who start selling miracles if you recruit her.
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She’s also the one who can interpret Divine Tomes, which makes her essential for any builds that focus on divine magic (cleric and such). This guide will show you where to find Irina of Carim in Dark Souls 3, how to avoid losing her services.

dark souls 3 irina of carim

Irina of Carim Location

Irina is trapped in a cell in the Undead Settlement. In order to rescue her, you’ll first have to buy the Grave Key from the Handmaid in Firelink Shrine. It’s the one that appears when you give her the Mortician’s Ashes, and it will cost you 1500 souls.

Go to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Go right as soon as you spawn, into the sewer tunnel shortcut. As you jump into the tunnel, you’ll see a locked gate before you. Use the Grave key to open it and turn left when you can. Follow the tunnel to the exit, then go straight into the ravine. About halfway through, there will be a door on the left – enter it and climb the ladder in the far right corner. You’ll end up in Irina’s cell. Open up the gate and talk to her.

Irina’s Quest

There are several ways of losing Irina’s services during the game, and you might trigger a few if you aren’t aware of them. If you do her any harm, you’ll have to answer to Eyegon of Carim. Here’s a full list:

  • If you give her the Divine Tomes but not the Deep/Dark ones, she’ll relocate to the bottom of the Tower and become a second Fire Keeper. If you aren’t planning on giving her the Dark Tomes, make sure you’ve bought everything from the second Divine Tome before you leave.
  • If you give her any of the Dark Tomes, she will go crazy. She’ll disappear from the shrine, waiting instead near the Iudex Gundyr bonfire. You’ll have to fight Eyegon of Carim before you can talk to her. After you’ve defeated him, she’ll go back to the shrine. At some point, she’ll ask you to touch her. If you do this while wearing Eyegon’s gloves, she’ll thank you and die. Giving her ashes to the Handmaid will unlock Irina’s miracles for sale.
  • If you kill her, she won’t respawn. Eyegon will also come to the shrine and attack you.

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  1. G

    giving her a dark tome will not make her crazy, buying a dark miracle will. Buying all of them will make her insane, buying even just one will make Eygon turn hostile.

  2. I
    Irina of carim

    Eygon is a tsundere

  3. J

    In my game iv given her all but the braille divine time of lothric and she’s asking me to touch her and every time I do nothing happens plus I can’t find the guy to fight to get his stuff what do I do?

    1. D

      Equip Guantlets of Morne, she will think you are Eygon

  4. J

    Eyegons “stuff” is gained when killing him

  5. K

    You will find him just on the other side of the exit to Iundex Gundyr’s boss room. He will engage you on sight.

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