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Follower Torch in Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC is one of the few newly added weapons. This weapon can be found in the Snowy Mountain Pass area.
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This is the place where you find a giant metal bell on the snow-covered grass. Unlike the common torch, this weapon not only lights up the dark areas and enemies, but it also has a special attack called Breathe Fire. If you’ve watched the trailers you might’ve seen it. The player basically breaths fire out of the mouth in a cone. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Follower Torch location in Ashes of Ariandel, what it does and what it looks like.

It’s the perfect item if you want to play through the game as a dragon. Check out how to become a dragon in Dark Souls 3, if you’re interested.

Follower Torch Location

We are going to head deeper into the area from the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire. Keep to your right here all the time, until you reach a giant metal bell. From this bell, head toward the nearby hill and turn left. Keep following this route.

Soon enough, you’ll end up on the edge of the mountain. There is a path below this edge. You might not see it at first, but as you reach the edge, turn left and continue. Once you make a U-turn on the corner, you’ll see the bright sparkle of the Follower Torch at the end of the path.

Snowy Mountain Pass

The torch is found in the Snowy Mountain Pass area. To reach it, you have to first descend the ladder next to the giant wooden bridge that takes you to the Ariandel Chapel. From here, follow the route that takes you down the mountain, under a bridge, up a ladder, into a house, through an “open from the other side” closed gate.

This shortcut leads to the building with two lights at the entrance. This is the library and there is an NPC inside. His name is Sir Vilhelm. Kill the hostile NPC, take and use the contraption key, climb to the second floor. Follow the path to the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire from here.

Follower Torch Stats & Description

An offensive torch used by the Farron Followers. Provides light and doubles as a weapon.
Some forms of the Abyss manifest as pus within the body, treated from ancient times with fire.

Skill:Breathe Fire
Spit combustible fuel across the torch to breathe flame in a front-sweeping motion.

This strike torch requires you to have at least 14 strength, 10 intellect and 10 faith in order to be used efficiently. It does a fair amount of physical and fire damage. The skill creates a fire cone in front of you. Fight fire with fire!

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