Dark Souls 3 How to Access Ringed City DLC

The Ringed City is the second DLC for Dark Souls 3. It takes place in an entirely new area, and the game doesn’t make it obvious how to enter it. You might roam the map for long before you run into the entrance, so we’ve decided to help. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to access Ringed City DLC in Dark Souls 3.

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dark souls 3 how to access ringed city dlc
How to enter Ringed City DLC

Where to find Ringed City DLC entrance

It order to access the DLC, you’ll first need to beat the base game, or at least reach the final boss. Travel to the Kiln of the First Flame, the area where you fight Soul of Cinder. When you spawn, turn around and you’ll see a bonfire on the right, near the edge of the cliff. Simply interact with it and it will teleport you to Dreg Heap, the starting area of the add-on.

Once you activate your first bonfire there, you’ll be able to teleport to and from it like any other bonfire in the game. You’ll only need to take this route on your first visit. There should be another teleporting bonfire in the Chapel of Ariandel, the Sister Friede boss arena, in case that’s closer to where you’re at. This DLC is the last we’re going to see of Dark Souls 3, so make the final journey count.

We don’t know what the recommended level is for the new area, but we’ve heard people mention level 100 as the bare minimum for the average player. It’s safe to assume you should use a character who has beaten the game. From what we’ve seen, there are a lot of tough enemies and tricky ambushes in the city, which will make even the seasoned veterans break a sweat.



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