Show your Humanity Secret DS3 Ringed City DLC Riddle - How to solve & find Purging Monument

Show your humanity is one of the secret puzzles in Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC. It’s located near the Ringed City Streets bonfire, in the room right next to it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve Show your Humanity Secret Riddle in DS 3 Ringed City DLC.

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Show your Humanity Secret DS3 Ringed City DLC Riddle
Show your Humanity Secret DS3 Ringed City DLC Riddle

Ringed City DS 3 Puzzle Solution – Show your Humanity

While roaming the decrepit streets of the Ringed City, you’ll certainly run into a lot of secrets and other hidden stuff. One such secret is the so-called Show your Humanity secret puzzle. You can run into it near the Ringed City Streets bonfire. Go through the metal bar door between the two suits of armor. Look right, and you’ll notice that there are bits of a broken statue on the ground. On the wall where it used to be, there’s a mysterious engraving – Show your humanity.

Now, this is a very obscure riddle. Showing your humanity can mean absolutely anything in the game. Surprisingly enough, you have to think very literally to solve this one. No, it doesn’t entail any good or merciful act or anything like that. Instead, you literally have to turn into a Humanity sprite to solve the puzzle.

Go back to the room with the bonfire and exit through the other door and into the swamp. Then, use either a Chameleon spell or a White Branch. This should turn you into a Humanity. If it doesn’t work right off the bat, keep trying and you’ll become a humanity sprite eventually.

Where to find Purging Monument

Now that you’ve transformed, go ahead to the engraving on the wall, and a ladder will pop out of thin air. After a lengthy climb, you’ll end up in a garden of white flowers. Look around, and you’ll run across some cool items, as well as a statue where you can request absolution, if you need it. The statue also plays a role in the Spears of the Church covenant, and you’ll need to find it in order to finish Lapp’s questline. The services it provides are pricey, though, so make sure you have a hefty amount of souls before you visit.

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