Soul of a Stray Demon | Dark Souls 3

Soul of a Stray Demon is a unique item in Dark Souls 3. You can get it by killing the Stray Demon in Farron Keep, then use it to craft some amazing stuff.
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This guide will show you how to get Soul of a Stray Demon in DkS3, what you can make with it.

dark souls 3 soul of a stray demon

How to get Soul of a Stray Demon

You’ll need to kill the Stray Demon in Farron Keep to get this item. Get to the giant stone gate in the dark part of the swamp, then face away from it. Go diagonally to the left, and you’ll hit a wall with a ladder. Climb the ladder to get to a bonfire room. Ride the elevator in the room up – it will take you onto the bridge where the demon is.

The demon isn’t particularly difficult to kill. Get as close to him as possible, then roll under his legs to get behind him. Start swinging like crazy, then roll when he turns around. Watch out for the flying attack – when he gets up into the air, you should roll away.

Stray Demon Soul Items

This soul can be turned into one of two items, but only after you’ve killed the Curse-Rotted Greatwood and brought Ludleth the Transposing Kiln. Talk to him, and choose one of the following:

  • Havel’s Ring – This piece of jewelry increases your equip load, letting you wear heavier equipement and use heavier weapons.
  • Boulder Heave – This pyromancy spell lets you shoot a large boulder out of your mouth. Although it’s pretty heavy, the rock will shatter on impact.



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