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Undead Bone Shards are special items in Dark Souls 3. These white chunks of bone can be used at bonfires to raise the bonfire level, which makes your Estus flasks more effective. It’s a great way to increasee your healing capabilities and survive longer in the harsh world. This guide will show you Undead Bone Shard locations in Dark Souls 3.

Where to find Undead Bone Shards

They are scattered around different areas of the game, sometimes in plain sight, other times hidden from view. Once you have one, just sit at the bonfire you want to improve and choose the option to throw the shard into the fire. Here are the ones we’ve found so far:

Area: Undead Settlement
Where to find: The shard can be found on a dead body at the foot of the hill after the graveyard. It’s near the entrance to the small stone house. Watch out for the giant spears.

Area: Road of Sacrifices
Where to find: Spawn at the Keep Ruins bonfire and head down into the swamp, towards the large stone gate. There’s a tower nearby, to the right. The shard is in the tower, guarded by a bunch of snails.

Area: Catacombs of Carthus
Where to find: You’ll need to go down the long set of stairs, the ones where the skeleton ball rolls up and down. Once you reach the bottom, go through the door and run to the grate. When the ball hits the grate and breaks, the shard will drop from it.

Area: Lothric Castle
Where to find: Spawn at the bonfire near the entrance. Get to the bridge in front of it, where the fire-breathing dragons are. Run over the bridge and drop down before the end. The shard is on a corpse under it, on the ledge.

Area: Cathedral of The Deep
Where to find: As you approach the entrance to the Cathedral from the Cleansing Church, turn right after the stairs, into a small graveyard. The shard will be on a tombstone at the edge of the precipice.

Area: Irithyll of The Boreal Valley
Where to find: Teleport to the Church of Yorshka bonfire, then go down the stairs and into the garden. Follow the wall on your right. You’ll see a large gravestone in the end – the shard is hidden behind it.

Area: Catacombs of Carthus
Where to find: Go to the Demon Ruins bonfire. Head into the large hall (when you spawn at the bonfire turn around and head in that direction) and go right (left of you is a fire mage). There should be a staircase leading down very close by (if you continue all the way to the right you will find another staircase, but there is a closer one to the bonfire) When you reach the end, turn to your left and you’ll see a staircase leading down. Descend and go all the way to the left. There are two fire mages you have to fight there and there are fiery black goos that can trap you so watch out. The shard will be next to a corpse in the corner.

Area: Catacombs of Carthus
Where to find: This shard is obtained by killing the giant worm in Smoldering Lake, just before the boss fight. Once you’ve awoken him, run to the boss fog door. You’ll see a set of stones on the ground – this is the line the worm doesn’t cross. Stand there and wait for him to stop moving, then approach and whack him a few times. Rinse and repeat.

Area: Lothric Castle
Where to find: Spawn at the Grand Archives bonfire. Use the elevator to go up, then take the left exit once you’re there. Enter the archives walkways from the terrace, and turn right. The shard is on a corpse in a chair, past the wax pool.

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: The last shard is next to the Profaned Capital bonfire, on a dead body.

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  1. P

    Thanks for the guide, very easy to follow.
    Pictures are perfect –
    I appreciate the extra effort into making the guide, very comprehesive.

  2. B

    The 2nd one in the Catacombs of Carthus says to go to the Abandoned Tomb bonfire, but its actually the Demon Ruin’s bonfire that you need to go to.

  3. S
    Sean Parrish

    The Road of Sacrifices shard is actually located in Farron Keep! You should probably edit that one. It was confusing

    1. A
      Alexander P. Osborn

      To be technical, Farron Keep falls under the Road of Sacrifice jurisdiction. It confused me as well at first.

  4. R

    whats the max bonfire level one can get in the first play-through?

    I’m assuming 11?

  5. S

    For the Catacombs of Carthus one with the skeleton ball. You need to kill the skeleton with the wizard hat hiding in the right corner just as you pass the archway. If you have the archway to your back he is in the right corner. If you have the grate to your back he will be to the left of the archway opening. You have to kill him first then the ball will break.

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