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Gestures are special moves in Dark Souls 3. They are used for communication with other players, but some of them even open up secret areas when used in the right place.
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They are mostly taught by NPCs at certain points through the game. This guide will show you all gestures in Dark Souls 3, how to obtain them.

Dark Souls 3 Gestures

NameHow to get
BeckonFrom Yoel of Londor, after he gets to Firelink Shrine
ApplauseFrom Leonhard, after you get the Red Eye Orb
PrayerFrom Irina of Carim, when you first meet her in her cell
Hurrah!From Andre of Astora, when you talk to him about weapons
Path of The DragonAfter defeating Oceiros, on a corpse on the way to Untended Graves
Stretch OutNext to the Profaned Capital bonfire
My Thanks!Dropped by a hostile NPC called Tsorig in Demon Ruins
Call OverGained by giving Crow Traders a Homeward Bone
Dignified BowFrom Yuria of Londor, after meeting her
ToastFrom Siegward of Catarina, after killing the fire demon in the first step of his quest
WelcomeFrom Cornyx, after he gets to Firelink
Curl UpFrom Greirat, after you give him Loretta’s Bone
CollapseFrom Hawkmoon, after you talk to him for the first time
Patches SquatTaught by Patches, after you forgive him for locking you in the tower
RejoiceGiven by Siegward, after you help him in the well during the second step of his quest
Quiet ResolveFrom Anri of Astora, after you talk to her in the Church of Yorshka
Praise the SunAfter praying at the Altar of Sunlight in Lothric Castle
Proper BowDropped by NPC invader Hazel in Road of Sacrifice
Duel BowDropped by NPC invader Londor Pale Shade
Legion EtiquettePray at the Old Wolf statue in Road of Sacrifices
Darkmoon LoyaltyFrom Sirris, after talking to her in Firelink Shrine
By My SwordGiven when you summon Black Hand Gothard for coop
Silent AllyFrom Orbeck of Vinheim, after he arrives at Firelink
ProstrationTaught by Patches, if you don’t forgive him
SleepFrom Siegward, if you interrupt his sleep after the first step of his quest
We’ll update the list with more gestures as we progress through the game and obtain them.

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